Articulating Assessment Competencies

Guest post by Lisa Hinchliffe, former chair for the Value of Academic Libraries Committee

As assessment continues to grow and develop as an area of focus in the academic library, librarians need the skills to conduct assessments and use assessment results for programmatic improvement. At the same time, many librarians were not exposed to these concepts through their formal education and libraries may struggle to offer meaningful training and professional development, especially without a framework for the skills and abilities that are needed. In some academic libraries, there is also a coordinator of assessment and so, in addition to proficiencies needed for librarians with assessment responsibilities, there are the skills required for assessment coordinators to lead assessment initiatives.  The ACRL Value of Academic Libraries Committee and ACRL Assessment Discussion Group are working together to explore the possibility of articulating a set of guidelines to define the skills for assessment.  To envision what a document might look like, it may be helpful to browse theStandards for Proficiencies for Instruction Librarians and Coordinators ( A competencies statement could be useful in writing job descriptions, annual performance reviews, and benchmarking programs.

Please give us your feedback by completing the survey linked in this blog. We will use your input to inform a proposal to the ACRL Board of Directors. If you have questions, please email Lisa Hinchliffe ( Your feedback will be most useful if received by August 30, 2013.

Survey on Assessment Competencies

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