“Library assessment is now an integral part of the effort to define the 21st century library; our tools, methods, and applications are developing rapidly.” *

Keeping readers informed of new developments, new methods, and new reports is another aspect of the work being done by the Value of Academic Libraries Committee.  This blog now includes a link to an update of the bibliography that was produced as part of the Value report.  The Valueography is linked via a menu option at the top in the navigation bar in this blog.  The Valueography is intended to feature resources and reports that have been produced since the publication of the original Value report and are related to the demonstrating the value of academic and research libraries.  The Valueography will be added to continuously to keep readers informed of new publications.  In the current list, although some references are to journal articles, there are reports may be found online, including the Proceedings of the 2010 Library Assessment Conference.  The Proceedings are worth exploring for the various reports on activities at institutions, large and small, on various assessment topics.  The conference featured 68 peer-reviewed papers.   It is our goal to have the Valueography updated  to include  new tools and methods that institutions are using to gather and share data.  Check out the Valueography for resources related to retention, student performance, and other assessment activities.

If you have a report to share, please use the comment feature on the Valueography blog to submit new publications.  We want the Valueography to grow and expand and with your help we can continue to make this a resource tool for all academic libraries that are exploring new methods for assessment and providing data that demonstrates their value to their institutions.

*(Proceedings of the 2010 Library Assessment Conference, Conference Overview, page V)

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