The Library Cube

Joe Matthews recently shared information on a relevant article.  He stated: “Our colleagues from ‘down under,’ Brian Cox and Margie Jantti of the University of Wollongong in Australia, recently published an article ‘Discovering the Impact of Library Use and Student Performance’ in the journal EDUCAUSE Review. The article discusses the development of “The Library Cube,” a system that was developed to join library borrowing data and the downloading of eResources data to see if there was any correlation between student use and student performance.  The authors state:

Our goal was to answer questions such as: What do students receive for their investment of time and energy when using library information resources? Does a correlation exist between usage of library resources and academic performance? What information can we extract from systems to enable faculty to better understand student success factors?

The authors provide graphs of results as well as videos with comments by members of their institution.  This article is one more example of a growing number of institutions that are able to connect library use data and student data.  By providing detailed instructions on their processes and results, they provide useful information for other institutions wanting to develop similar models.

If you are able to connect sets of data at your institution, are you able to share your methods and results with our peers?  Have you been able to apply any methods covered in this blog to your own institution with success?  Have specific questions you’d like to know how to address?  Please add your thoughts or comments.

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