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Collections Discussion Group at Midwinter

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

About Timothy Hackman

Librarian for English & Linguistics, University of Maryland Libraries. Member of LES since 2006.

The always lively Collections Discussion Group will be meeting after the Reference Discussion Group:

Sunday, January 17, 2010  10:30 a.m.- noon

Hilton Boston Financial District (HIL): Kellogg B/C

Please help us form an agenda for this meeting. What issues would you like to discuss?
Anyone interested in these suggested topics?

  • digital preferred collection policy statements
  • interdisciplinarity of research: how to fund research needs when library budgets/assignments are often based on traditional disciplines
  • selecting fiction/poetry/drama through vendor author lists

Past discussion topics have included:

  • Project Muse journals
  • e-book collections and licenses
  • institutional repositories and humanities
  • coping with less collections monies and more demands: building a collection on nothing a year
  • selection tools
  • gift collections/titles/subscriptions
  • graphic novels
  • leisure reading
  • weeding
  • collecting contemporary fiction
  • Google Books Settlement
  • e-resources

Please contact either Kristina DeVoe or Michaelyn Burnette or leave a comment on the blog!