How-To Guide to the LES Blog

How Can You Contribute?

There are three easy ways to be a part of the conversations on the LES Blog:


  • You can send a post idea to a member of the LES Publications Committee using the online LES Blog Submissions Form
  • You can become an “official” blog contributor and post information yourself. Simply contact a member of the LES Publications Committee and we will assign you a username and password to allow you to create posts.
  • You can leave comments on existing posts, as outlined in the Comments Policy below.


Ideas for Contributions:

Submissions could fit into the following categories, but are certainly not limited to them.

  • Digital scholarship — do you have a digital scholarship lab at your institution? How is it set up?
  • Digital humanities – do you collaborate with teaching faculty on DH projects?
  • Library instruction — have you tried anything new with library instruction?
  • Collection highlights — highlight a new database or resource you acquired, or something home grown!  What is great about it? How are faculty and students using it?
  • Programming – share a programming idea that was successful at your library
  • Library liaising — discuss the work that you do to partner with your departments and other units on campus
  • Paths to literature librarianship — tell the story of how you became a literature/English/humanities librarian.  What do you enjoy about it?  What advice do you have for new librarians or library students that are interested in literature/humanities librarianship?
  • Trends — discuss a trend or trends on the horizon
  • Conference overview/highlight — write up your experience at a conference or workshop

If you don’t feel comfortable writing something, you could interview someone, or create a video.


Comments Policy: LES members are encouraged to use the blog as a discussion forum by commenting on posts. You must supply a name and email address when leaving a comment. Your first comment will be approved by a moderator before posting; after that you will be free to comment without moderation, although the following general guidelines apply:


  • Keep comments focused on the subject of the post. If your comment would make more sense as an independent post, consider becoming a blog contributor by contacting a member of the LES Publications Committee.
  • Keep comments focused on ideas, not people.
  • Don’t include anyone by name unless you have their explicit permission to do so.
  • Blog editors reserve the right to remove abusive or spam comments at their discretion.



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