LES Virtual Midwinter 2018 Meetings

Below is information about ALA Midwinter Discussion Groups that have been scheduled thus far. Mark your calendars for the following:

ACRL LES Collections Discussion Group
Start Time: 02/15/2018 11:00AM CST
Location: Online
Contact: Naomi Lederer and Leslie Madden

ACRL LES Reference Discussion Group
Start Time: 02/09/2018 1:00PM CST
Location: Online
Contact: Glenda Insua and Alex Watson

To browse other discussion and interest group meetings scheduled for ALA Midwinter in Denver, visit the the ALA Scheduler online. To browse other virtual and in-person discussion group and committee meetings, search in ALA Connect. If you would like to share other Midwinter discussion group meetings of interest to LES members, post to the LES Facebook page or tweet to @LES_ACRL.

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