A Message from the LES Chair

Dear LES Community,

Many of you have seen the statements from ALA and ACRL reaffirming our core values in the face of recent acts by the new presidential administration:


ACRL Board of Directors Affirms Commitment to Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Access

(John Overholt, CoChair of RMBS, has collected additional statements from around the profession: https://medium.com/@john_overholt/the-profession-responds-32388f79430a#.1hxngqebi)

I don’t think there’s a need for LES to generate its own statement — but I will say, as your chair, that I don’t think these statements go far enough. The past two weeks have demonstrated to me that this administration represents an affront to everything I stand for as a librarian and as a human being. I can no longer separate my politics from my professional work and I will fight for what I believe in – social justice, equity, diversity, inclusion, and intellectual freedom – by any means possible and necessary.

I speak for myself, and not for the section; but I hope that we can all work together to uphold, affirm, and extend our core values. I welcome your feedback and suggestions as to how we can move forward.

Best regards,
Laura Braunstein
Chair, ACRL Literatures in English Section

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