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New Members Discussion Group at Annual

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Attention all LES members, new and old.  Please plan to join us for the New Members Discussion Group on July 12th from 3:30 to 5:30 in the Palmer House State Ballroom for engaging discussion and genial conversation about our shared work as literature bibliographers.  Are you new to the profession? Bring your questions and queries. Are you a seasoned veteran? Come share your wisdom, tried and true strategies, or, maybe even learn something new. At the New Members Discussion Group we talk about what you want to talk about. Coping with change at your library? Managing a controversial collection? Just been asked to become the new Digital Humanities Librarian?  Together we can share what we know to address these challenges.  Come share your questions and experience.

If you have suggestions for topics you would like us to be sure and discuss, please drop a note to either Frank or Arianne, and we will weave them into the conversation.

And if you can’t make it to Annual, please feel free to post your thoughts in the comments of this post.See you there!

Co-chairs,  Frank Gravier ( & Arianne Hartsell-Gundy (

Using Discovery-Based Learning to Engage Students with Information Literacy

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

Okay this might be a bit of shameless self-promotion, but I’ll be co-leading (along with Eric Resnis, Information Literacy Librarian at Miami University) an ACRL Instruction Section Current Issues Discussion Group at the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago.  Here’s a brief description:

The purpose of this discussion session is to begin a dialogue about discovery-based learning techniques and how they might be utilized in information literacy instruction.  Attendees will explore the tenets of discovery-based learning, their relationship with active learning techniques, and the pro/cons of using these methods. The conveners will use their experiences with a university-wide learning community to springboard conversations on incorporating new pedagogical concepts in the classroom.

Date, Time Location: 7/12/2009 Sunday 10:30 am – 12:00 pm
Hotel: Sheraton Chicago; Room: Sheraton BR I

I realize that this is at the same time as the LES Collections Discussion Group, so many of you won’t be able to come.  I’d love to hear your thoughts though on this topic since I know many of us have instruction as part of our job duties.  In fact here are two of the questions we’re going to ask:

1.      How do you incorporate active learning into a 50-minute one-shot deal?  How do we deal with the constraints of the method and still teach effectively?

2.      Does your university/college have any campus-wide initiatives to engage students in learning?  Has the library been involved with these initiatives?

Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments.  Also, if you’d like the handouts from the session, please send me an e-mail at  I’ll send out handouts to those interested right after the conference.

See you all in Chicago!

Arianne Hartsell-Gundy