College & Research Libraries – July 2014

The July 2014 issue of College & Research Libraries is now freely available online. Visit the C&RL website for complete contents from 1939 to the present and follow C&RL on Facebook and Twitter for updates and discussion.

Note: The November 2013 issue was the final print issue of College & Research Libraries. The journal began an online-only publication model in January 2014.

Guest Editorial

Dan Hazen. “Researching Library Support for International Studies: Successes to Celebrate, Goal Posts to Move.” Full Text (PDF)  


Merinda Kaye Hensley, Sarah L. Shreeves, and Stephanie Davis-Kahl. “A Survey of Library Support for Formal Undergraduate Research Programs.” Abstract | Full Text (PDF).

Kyung-Sun Kim, Sei-Ching Joanna Sin, and Eun Young Yoo-Lee. “Undergraduates’ Use of Social Media as Information Sources.” Abstract | Full Text (PDF).

Catherine Sassen and Diane Wahl. “Fostering Research and Publication in Academic Libraries.” Abstract | Full Text (PDF).

Mary Kandiuk. “Promoting Racial and Ethnic Diversity among Canadian Academic Librarians.” Abstract | Full Text (PDF).

Karen Antell, Jody Bales Foote, Jaymie Turner, and Brian Shults. “Dealing with Data: Science Librarians’ Participation in Data Management at Association of Research Libraries Institutions.” Abstract | Full Text (PDF).

Kirstin Dougan. “‘YouTube Has Changed Everything’? Music Faculty, Librarians, and Their Use and Perceptions of YouTube.” Abstract | Full Text (PDF).

Julie Mitchell and Nathalie Soini. “Student Involvement for Student Success: Student Staff in the Learning Commons.” Abstract | Full Text (PDF).