Call for Applications for ACRL Liaison to EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI)

The ACRL Information Literacy Coordinating Committee is currently seeking applications to serve a three-year term (August 2012 to June 2015) as the ACRL Liaison to the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI). The liaison is responsible for outreach, education and communication between ACRL and ELI. The goal of the liaison relationship is twofold: (1) to demonstrate the value of libraries and librarians for advancing the mission of ELI and (2) to model effective partnerships between librarians and other teaching and learning professionals within the ELI community.

The ACRL Liaison to ELI is expected to communicate opportunities for ELI participation to relevant ACRL audiences and to assist ELI Staff in identifying content experts and innovative programs within the ACRL Community for possible inclusion in ELI publications and event opportunities. Additional opportunities for participation aligned with the Liaison’s interests and areas of expertise may be identified in conversation with ELI Leadership.

Communication Structure:

  • Quarterly phone meetings with ELI Leadership (Malcolm Brown and Veronica Diaz) to exchange information on the organizations initiatives in order to discover collaboration possibilities or potential.  Email communication between quarterly meetings for check-ins and exchange of timely information, etc.
  • Quarterly communication with leadership of ACRL (Erin Ellis, Chair of Student Learning Coordinating Committee and others as appropriate).
  • Communication with members of ELI staff and ACRL leadership, exchanging information about upcoming events and publications.
  • Participate in the Annual reporting facilitated by the ACRL Liaison Coordinating Committee.

About ELI (from

The EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) is a community of higher education institutions and organizations committed to advancing learning through information technology (IT) innovation.  To achieve our mission of advancing learning through IT innovation, we have adopted a strategic focus on learners and successful learning. Why? Effectively using IT to improve learning requires a solid understanding of learners and how they learn. Based on our mission and focus, ELI explores three primary areas: Learners, Learning Principles and Practices, and Learning Technologies.

Deadline for Applications

Review of applications will begin on August 1, 2012, and continue until the position is filled.

Submission requirements
Nominees must submit electronic copies of the following:

  • A letter of application articulating qualifications to Erin Ellis, Chair, ACRL Student Learning Committee 2012/2013 (Note: the ACRL Information Literacy Coordinating Committee will become the ACRL Student Learning Coordinating Committee July 1, 2012).
  • A current vita.


  • Current member of ACRL and from an ELI member institution.
  • Experience with student learning initiatives in higher education, instructional technology, and leadership.
  • Interest in collaborating with ELI leadership and membership to develop initiatives that model effective librarian/technologist collaborations in higher educations and further the strategic goals of both organizations.
  • Financial support to attend ELI events for the length of the three-year term in the event that ACRL funding does not cover full costs.
  • Experience with outreach and education efforts.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Demonstrated interest and past participation in the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative.
  • Affiliated with an EDUCAUSE member institution.


  • Record of service and leadership on ACRL on committees and task forces.
  • Experience with leadership, assessment of impact, technology, and other strategic focus areas of ACRL and ELI.

Contact: Erin Ellis, Chair, ACRL Student Learning Coordinating Committee 2012/2013.  (Email:; Phone: (785) 864-5589)