Spring 2012 ACRL E-Learning

Looking to expand your professional development horizons this spring? Then these upcoming ACRL e-Learning opportunities are just the place for you. Stretch your professional development budget by registering now for these affordable online seminars and Webcasts! Click on each event title for more information, including a link to online registration and registration fees. Space is limited, so register now to reserve your seat! Group rates are available for live Webcasts.

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Winning Library Grants
(Online Seminar: April 1-20, 2012): This course will introduce you to the grant process from beginning to end with an emphasis on planning successful grant projects, funding sources for libraries, researching grant opportunities, proposal writing basics, and grant-winning tips and techniques useful for all types of librarians.

From Idea to Publication Part Three: Submitting for Publication (Webcast: April 3, 2012): Learn how to select an appropriate journal or publisher, learn how to prepare a manuscript for submission, and understand what the submission process will encompass.

A New Model for Student Learning: Using Team-based Learning in Information Literacy Courses (Webcast: April 12, 2012): Team-based learning (TBL), which uses a very structured approach to student learning in teams, has enormous potential when used in information literacy credit-bearing courses. While TBL shares some characteristics with problem-based learning and the flipped model of learning, it has unique elements that make it a particularly powerful teaching/learning approach. Learn about the four critical components of TBL, and their application in an information literacy course.

Successful Budgeting in Academic Libraries (Online Seminar: April 16-May 4, 2012): An essential skill for managers is the ability to develop and manage a budget. However, many new managers are ill-prepared for this responsibility, since they may have received little, if any, education on budgeting while in library school. Learn essential budgeting skills, including how to develop and manage a budget and how to write a persuasive budget request.

Mobile Apps: What You Need to Know (Online Seminar: April 23-May 11, 2012): Become familiar with some of the best apps for academic libraries including things like Wunderlist, Inkling, Kindle, Evernote, Instapaper, iAnnotate and many others. Learn how to evaluate and review the usefulness of individual apps, so you can make selection decisions and advise others. Through readings, video demos, discussions, and hands-on practice, you will leave the course with a good understanding of the app landscape and the knowledge and skills to offer your own workshop for staff, faculty, or students.

Pinterest and Academia (Webcast: April 24, 2012): Pinterest in a virtual pinboard for “pinning” images you discover online. It serves as a way to discover or share pictures and infographics and visually curate online resources for your own use or collaboratively. Learn about Pinterest and its usage, outline the technology trends represented by Pinterest and their impacts on libraries and information usage, explore academic and library applications, and discover projects to try at your library .

May/ June:

Embedded Librarians: Integrating Information Literacy Instruction at the Point of Need (Webcast: May 1, 2012): More and more libraries are adopting embedded librarianship as an approach to creating an integrated and sustained library instruction presence in classes across the curriculum. In this webcast, embedded librarians will describe examples of successful projects across the range of academic levels and departments, including both online and on-campus instruction.

Managing Student Assistants (Online Seminar: May 14 – June 1, 2012): Find out how to get the best performance from your student workers. Through a variety of exercises and discussions find out how to write job descriptions, “sell” your job to prospective student assistants, financial aid basics, interviewing techniques, the importance of training, coaching & counseling and staff retention strategies.

UX + VR FTW (Webcast: May 22, 2012): User experience plus virtual reference for the win!  Gain a better understanding of user experience methods and philosophies, and how these relate to library public services. Learn about practical tips for identifying opportunities to optimize virtual services, and strategies for securing buy-in from administration and staff.

Google Scholar and Institutional Repositories: Improving IR Discovery (Webcast: June 6, 2012): Kenning Arlitsch and Patrick O’Brien from the University of Utah have been conducting research on search engine optimization for digital repositories, with a special emphasis on institutional repositories (IRs). This work has revealed technical and administrative reasons many institutional repositories have a low indexing ratio in Google Scholar. Join us for a fascinating look into this complex issue and what you can do about it.

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