Apply to become a presenter for ACRL workshop “Scholarly communications 101: Starting with the basics”

ACRL is accepting expressions of interest from prospective new presenters for the workshop “Scholarly communications 101: Starting with the basics.” The four-hour workshop, now in its third year, is led by two expert presenters at locations across the country. The workshop focuses on new methods of scholarly publishing and communication, open access and openness as a principle, copyright and intellectual property and economics, providing a foundational understanding for attendees.

We seek to expand our pool of presenters by recruiting and mentoring one new person in 2011.


  • A designated role in scholarly communications within your library.
  • Teaching experience.
  • Experience with instructional design and meeting facilitation.
  • Collaborative planning skills.
  • Must be available to attend up to two road shows this summer (Thursday, May 26, at Washington Research Library Consortium, MD; Friday, June 3, at City University of New York; Tuesday, June 7, at Academic Library Association of Ohio).

Strongly preferred:

  • Participation in an ACRL Scholarly Communications 101 workshop (either at ACRL 2009 conference in Seattle or as a road show in summer 2009 or 2010).
  • Available to attend a presenter curriculum design retreat, to be held in conjunction with ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans Thurs June 23, 8:30am – 4:30pm

Serving as a new presenter involves participating in planning calls, participating in all segments of the workshop event, and some development of materials, exercises and presentations. The new presenter will ideally participate in two 101 workshops during summer 2011. In the first workshop, the new presenter will shadow workshops experts and team-teach one section or assignment. In the second workshop, the new presenter will teach one module with the assistance of two experts. The ACRL Scholarly Communication committee will consider applicants who can only attend one program in 2011 and begin teaching in 2012. ACRL will reimburse the new presenter for travel costs for up to two road shows in 2011 (flights, hotel, ground transportation, and per diem for meals).

To make an expression of interest, please send the following materials to Jean Zanoni by Friday, April 8, 2011:

  1. Your resume.
  2. The names and contact information for 2 references who have direct knowledge of your experience teaching.
  3. A statement addressing the following questions (one page max for all four).
  • Why you want to become a presenter for ACRL’s Scholarly Communication 101 workshop?
  • What publications have you authored or presentations have you given (within the library or outside) related to scholarly communications topics?
  • What contributions could you make to the presenter team?
  • Are there relevant experiences of which you would like us to be aware?

The ACRL Scholarly Communication committee has formed a small review team, separate from the current presenters, to consider expression of interest. The process includes checking references and a telephone interview. The group will select one person to become a new presenter in 2011 and notify all applicants by Monday, May 2, 2011.

If you have questions of any kind, don’t hesitate to contact Jean Zanoni.