ACRL co-sponsors Open Up! 4th annual Sparky awards student video contest

ACRL is pleased to again co-sponsor the annual Sparky awards student video contest, organized by SPARC, and invites academic librarians to promote the contest to students on their campuses. Open Up! — the fourth installment of the annual contest — calls on students to articulate their views in a two-minute video. The contest has been embraced by campuses all over the world and has inspired imaginative expressions of student support for the potential of open access to foster creativity, innovation, and problem solving.

Students have been leaders in the creative re-use, remix, and mash-up of material across the digital realm, and have a fair expectation that scholarly research should be equally, legally accessible to help advance their scholarship and ensure the quality of their education. Students are uniquely positioned to advance open access. Through their publishing, copyright, and policy choices, students — along with faculty and administrators — can make open access to institutional research outputs and wider access to the whole scholarly record a reality — today.

The Sparky awards are an opportunity for faculty to enhance classes, as well as for libraries to promote services — including media services or information commons, where students can edit video, browse media, work collaboratively, and develop a good understanding of copyright. Libraries everywhere are encouraged to host local installments of the contest.

Open Up! calls on students to let the world know they support open access and to say why. This year, organizers invite entries in four categories: animation, speech, remix, and people’s choice. Entries must be received by 12:00AM Eastern time on May 27, 2011. For full details, visit the Sparky awards Web site.