ACRL Member of the Week: Sheena Philogene

Sheena Philogene

Sheena Philogene is a reference and instruction librarian at Brooklyn College. Sheena has been a member of ACRL for 2 years and is your ACRL Member of the Week for October 28, 2019.

Sheena Philogene

Describe yourself in three words: Curious, open-minded, busy.

What are you reading (or listening to on your mobile device(s)? I am finishing up Create Dangerously: The Immigrant Artist at Work by Edwidge Danticat and re-reading Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote (which I prefer to the movie).

Describe ACRL in three words: Supportive, educational, welcoming.

What prompted you as a student to join ACRL? I found out about ACRL during an internship I did while in library school. It felt like everyone I spoke to mentioned the benefits of joining, especially the great conferences and committees I could be a part of. However, having never worked in a library before, I really appreciated having a resource leading me to networking opportunities and job boards, where I could learn about the things I didn’t even know to ask about.

What are your career goals? How might ACRL help you achieve those goals? I’m currently working on a Master’s in GeoInformatics with the goal of working as a science/technology librarian. The ACRL Science & Technology Section is already a great resource for finding relevant training and conference opportunities. Going forward, I think I’ll also be able to meet a great community of other STEM librarians who can help me along my journey

In your own words: Honestly, just a year ago I really didn’t understand what academic librarians do. Yet now, as an academic librarian, I see that roles are constantly changing—sometimes day-to-day—and all you need to do is be open to learning, growing, and adapting, and the rest will come. Unexpectedly, I really like this aspect of the profession. I like never knowing what new topic I’ll be introduced to and being in a position to help people figure out what they need and how to find it, whether that involves navigating online databases, finding the right campus department, or recommending some cool, new place in the city. At the root of it, librarians are problem-solvers, educators, and allies, and, for me, that’s a great thing.

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