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ACRL’s Marketing Academic and Research Libraries Committee (MARL) has launched a new feature, the ACRL Marketing Minute. Become a fan of the ACRL Marketing Minute on Facebook, or a follower on Twitter, to receive bi-weekly quick tips and insights on marketing research, trends, and data. Here’s the first ACRL Marketing Minute to get you started:

“Brand is the relationship between a product and its customer.” – Phil Dusenberry, chairman of BBDO Worldwide

People are engaged by symbols. Symbols trigger the imagination and emotion and bring to mind a product/service without the use of words. Does you library have a logo/symbol that… is used on all materials both print and electronic that your users identify with? Where does one begin the process of creating a recognizable brand for your library?

There are hundreds of books about branding, but there is one that is specific to libraries. “Creating Your Library Brand: Communication Your Relevance and Value to Your Patrons” by Elisabeth Douchett published by ALA Editions.

Just think if your library users immediately identified with your library brand the way they identify with Coco-Cola, Apple, Nike, and Mercedes Benz, what a victory that would be.

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