Mindfulness in Libraries e-Learning Course

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While a trendy term, mindfulness practice is thousands of years old; further it is a secular, evidence-based practice with practical applications to everyday life and work. Mindfulness is the deliberate, non-judgmental awareness of what one is experiencing in the present moment. Our brains are always working, scanning the environment for dangers, which can put us in a constant state of stress. Mindfulness allows us to break a thought pattern and return to the present moment, thereby helping to alleviate stress and live a richer life. Mindfulness is cultivated through various practices and helps us be more present, improve self-awareness and management, and provide mental replenishment. When we live and act mindfully we are better at dealing with stress and responding to the numerous demands of our lives by being more focused and aware. To learn more about these topics, join ACRL January 14-February 8, 2019, for the e-Learning course “Mindfulness in Libraries.”

During this ACRL online learning course, participants will discuss what mindfulness is, how mindfulness works, the benefits of mindfulness, and how to practice mindfulness and cultivate its benefits. While participants will complete readings and online discussions, the class is mostly experiential. Participants will be expected to perform various mindful practices, reflect on them, and discover how to apply mindfulness to their daily lives and work. During the class participants will develop a mindfulness plan to guide them in their practice. Weekly course activities and topics are detailed online.

Learning outcomes:

  • Define mindfulness and its benefits in order to better understand the concept
  • Understand how mindfulness works and the ways it is practiced in order to experience the benefits of living and working mindfully
  • Develop a mindfulness practice in order to focus more on the present, improve self-awareness and self-management, and experience mental replenishment.

Presenter: Jason Martin is the Associate Dean of the Walker Library at Middle Tennessee State University. Jason oversees library assessment, policy, and professional development. Jason researches, publishes, and presents on leadership, organizational culture, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, productivity, and goal setting and achievement.

How to register: Registration materials and complete details are available online. Contact mconahan@ala.org with questions.