College & Research Libraries – September 2018

C&RL September 2018 cover

C&RL September 2018 coverThe September 2018 issue of College & Research Libraries is now freely available online. Visit the C&RL website for complete contents from 1939 to the present and follow C&RL on Facebook and Twitter for updates and discussion.

Note: The November 2013 issue was the final print issue of College & Research Libraries. The journal began an online-only publication model in January 2014.


Wendi Arant Kaspar, Sarah Hare, Cara Evanson, Emily Ford and John Budd. “Considering Developmental Peer Review.”


Sarah Hare and Cara Evanson. “Information Privilege Outreach for Undergraduate Students.”

Ula Gaha, Suzanne Hinnefeld, and Catherine Pellegrino. “The Academic Library’s Contribution to Student Success: Library Instruction and GPA.”

Russell Michalak, Monica Rysavy, Kevin Hunt, Bernice Smith, and Joel Worden. “Faculty Perceptions of Plagiarism: Insight for Librarians’ Information Literacy Programs.”

Spencer Jardine, Sandra Shropshire, and Regina Koury. “Credit-Bearing Information Literacy Courses in Academic Libraries: Comparing Peers.”

Fei Shu, Philippe Mongeon, Stefanie Haustein, Kyle Siler, Juan Pablo Alperin, and Vincent Larivière. “Is It Such a Big Deal? On the Cost of Journal Use in the Digital Era.”

Jason Martin. “What Do Academic Librarians Value in a Leader? Reflections on Past Positive Library Leaders and a Consideration of Future Library Leaders.”

Marie R. Kennedy and Kristine R. Brancolini. “Academic Librarian Research: An Update to a Survey of Attitudes, Involvement, and Perceived Capabilities.”

Book Reviews

Mark E. Shelton. David R. Moore II and Eric C. Shoaf. Planning Optimal Library Spaces: Principles, Processes, and Practices. Lanham, Md.: Rowman & Littlefield, 2018. 196p. Hardback, $85.00 (ISBN: 978-1-5381-0940-3).

John M. Budd. Cassidy R. Sugimoto and Vincent Larivière. Measuring Research: What Everyone Needs to Know. New York: Oxford University Press. 2018. 149p. Paper, $16.95 (ISBN 978-0-19-064012-5). LC 2017-18852.

Sarah Rose Fitzgerald. Melissa N. Mallon. The Pivotal Role of Academic Librarians in Digital Learning. Santa Barbara, Calif.: Libraries Unlimited, 2018. 150p. Paper. $50.00 (ISBN: 978-1-4408-5217-6). LC Z675.U5 M327.

Kristen Cardoso. Academic Library Management: Case Studies. Tammy Nickelson Dearie, Michael Meth, and Elaine L. Westbrooks, eds. Chicago: ALA Editions, 2018. 213p. Paper, $69.00 (ISBN 978-0-8389-1559-2). LC 2017010131.