IFC Seeking ALA Feedback on Library-Initiated Programs as a Resource Draft

In anticipation of a new edition of The Intellectual Freedom Manual in early 2020, the ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee is in the process of reviewing and beginning to update all intellectual freedom-related documents as needed. To be in sync with the manual’s publishing schedule, all of the revisions must be completed by the end of the 2019 ALA Annual Conference.

This is the first of many requests for feedback on updated Library Bill of Rights interpretations. The IFC would appreciate comments on “Library-Initiated Programs as a Resource: An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights.” It was approved by Council in January 1982 and last updated in July 2000 (view the current interpretation here). The deadline for feedback is Tuesday, May 22.

Feedback can be posted in the following two ways:

  • Use this Google doc to post your comments. The IFC requests that you ONLY post comments on this document, and not edit the document directly. It also requests that you share the link to this Google doc draft with only the ALA community. To post a comment, select “Insert” in the top menu, and then click “Comment.” Comments may be posted anonymously (if you’re not signed into a Google account) or publicly (if you’re signed into your Google account).
  • Email comments to ediaz@ala.org 

The draft interpretation will also be published on the IFC’s ALA Connect page. ALA members can post feedback directly or upload the “track changes” Word doc to the comments section of the ALA Connect post.

The Intellectual Freedom Committee will make revisions to the interpretation in light of suggestions and will bring the document to Council forum at the upcoming Annual Conference in New Orleans for further feedback.