College & Research Libraries – May 2018

CRL May 2018

CRL May 2018The May 2018 issue of College & Research Libraries is now freely available online. Visit the C&RL website for complete contents from 1939 to the present and follow C&RL on Facebook and Twitter for updates and discussion.

Note: The November 2013 issue was the final print issue of College & Research Libraries. The journal began an online-only publication model in January 2014.


Wendi Arant Kaspar. “Trafficking Inspiration.”


Allison Erlinger. “Outcomes Assessment in Undergraduate Information Literacy Instruction: A Systematic Review.”

Jennifer Yao Weinraub. “Harder to Find than Nemo: The Elusive Image Citation Standard.”

Joe C. Clark and Jennifer Johnstone. “Exploring the Research Mindset and Information-Seeking Behaviors of Undergraduate Music Students.”

M. Sara Lowe, Bronwen K. Maxson, Sean M. Stone, Willie Miller, Eric Snajdr, and Kathleen Hanna. “The Boolean is Dead, Long Live the Boolean! Natural Language versus Boolean Searching in Introductory Undergraduate Instruction.”

Anna Yevelson-Shorsher and Jenny Bronstein. “Three Perspectives on Information Literacy in Academia: Talking to Librarians, Faculty, and Students.”

Lili Luo. “Experiencing Evidence-Based Library and Information Practice (EBLIP): Academic Librarians’ Perspective.”

Wendy Rodgers. “Buy, Borrow, or Steal? Film Access for Film Studies Students.”

Book Reviews

Janis L. DesMarais. The Handbook of Art and Design Librarianship, 2nd edition. Paul Glassman and Judy Dyki, eds. London, U.K.: Facet Publishing, 2017. 343p. $85.00, £69.95 (ISBN 978-1-78330-200-0).

Michelle Hendley. Michelle Reale. Becoming a Reflective Librarian and Teacher: Strategies for Mindful Academic Practice. Chicago, Ill.: ALA Editions, 2017. 144p. Paper, $57.00 (ISBN-13: 978-0-8389-1529-5).

Kara Kugelmeyer. Curating Research Data. Volume One: Practical Strategies for Your Digital Repository and Curating Research Data. Volume Two: A Handbook of Current Practice. Lisa R. Johnston, ed.

Michael C. McGuire. Nicole Hennig. Keeping Up with Emerging Technologies: Best Practices for Information Professionals. Santa Barbara, Calif.: Libraries Unlimited, an imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC, 2017.

Michael Ryan. Participatory Heritage. Henriette Roued-Cunliffe and Andrea Copeland, eds., for the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals. London, U.K.: Facet Publishing, 2017. 213p. Paper. $74.98 (ISBN 978-1-78330-132-2).

Ruth Szpunar. Undergraduate Research and the Academic Librarian: Case Studies and Best Practices. Merinda Kaye Hensley and Stephanie Davis-Kahl, eds. Chicago, Ill.: Association of College and Research Libraries, 2017. 348p. $65.00 (ISBN 978-083898908-1).