College & Research Libraries – May 2016

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crl squareThe May 2016 issue of College & Research Libraries is now freely available online. Visit the C&RL website for complete contents from 1939 to the present and follow C&RL on Facebook and Twitter for updates and discussion.

Note: The November 2013 issue was the final print issue of College & Research Libraries. The journal began an online-only publication model in January 2014.


Emily Drabinski and Scott Walter. “Asking Questions that Matter.”


Luke Swindler. “New Consortial Model for E-Books Acquisitions.” Abstract | Full Text (PDF).

Katie Greer, Amanda Nichols Hess, and Elizabeth W. Kraemer. “The Librarian Leading the Machine: A Reassessment of Library Instruction Methods.” Abstract | Full Text (PDF).

Amanda L. Folk. “Academic Reference and Instruction Librarians and Dweck’s Theories of Intelligence.” Abstract | Full Text (PDF).

Fatih Oguz. “Organizational Influences in Technology Adoption Decisions: A Case Study of Digital Libraries.” Abstract | Full Text (PDF).

Rumi Graham. “An Evidence-Informed Picture of Course-Related Copying.” Abstract | Full Text (PDF).

John K. Stemmer and David M. Mahan. “Investigating the Relationship of Library Usage to Student Outcomes.” Abstract | Full Text (PDF).

Joan E. Beaudoin. “Describing Images: A Case Study of Visual Literacy among Library and Information Science Students.” Abstract | Full Text (PDF).

Book Reviews

Lizzy Walker. Martin De Saulles. Information 2.0, Second Edition: New Models of Information Production, Distribution and Consumption. London: Facet Publishing, 2015. 192p. Paper, $95.00 (ISBN 978-1-78330-009-9). Full Text (PDF).

Johanna Denzin. Digital Humanities in the Library: Challenges and Opportunities for Subject Specialists. eds. Arianne Hartsell-Gundy, Laura Braunstein, and Liorah Golomb. Chicago: Association of College and Research Libraries, a division of the American Library Association, 2015. 287p. Paper, $68.00 (ISBN 978-0-8389-8767-4). LC 2015006339. Full Text (PDF).

Elise Ferer. Robin Chin Roemer and Rachel Borchardt. Meaningful Metrics: A 21st-Century Librarian’s Guide to Bibliometrics, Altmetrics, and Research Impact. Chicago: The Association of College and Research Libraries, 2015. 241p. Paper, $60.00 (ISBN 978-083898755-1). Full Text (PDF).

Lynne F. Maxwell. Creating Leaders: An Examination of Academic and Research Library Leadership Institutes. ed. Irene M.H. Herold for the Association of College and Research Libraries. Chicago: American Library Association, 2015. 380p. Paper, $78.00 (ISBN 978-0-8389-8763-6). LC Z668.5C72 2015. Full Text (PDF).

Joseph Aubele Jill Markgraf, Kate Hinnant, Eric Jennings, and Hans Kishel. Maximizing the One-Shot: Connecting Library Instruction with the Curriculum. Lanham, Md.: Rowman & Littlefield, 2015. 175p. Paper, $55.00 (978-1-4422-3866-4). Full Text (PDF).

Edward Copenhagen. Educational Programs: Innovative Practices for Archives and Special Collections. ed. Kate Theimer. Lanham, Md.: Rowman & Littlefield, 2015. 208p. Paper, $55.00 (ISBN 1-4422-3852-7). Full Text (PDF).