Apply Now for ACRL Immersion Teaching with Technology Track

Apply now for the ACRL Immersion Teaching with Technology track; applications are due June 30, 2016. As teaching librarians develop instructional tools and experiences in increasingly tech-enhanced academic environments, there is a growing need in the profession to cultivate design-minded and outcomes-oriented pedagogies. The Immersion Teaching with Technology (TwT) program will provide a practical framework for evaluating learning technologies in order to integrate them more effectively into face-to-face and/or online teaching.

Teaching with Technology takes a blended approach that consists of an initial two-day face-to-face workshop immediately prior to the ACRL 2017 Conference in Baltimore, Maryland, followed by four weeks in an active online learning environment. Prefaced by readings, the majority of the face-to-face meeting will focus on theoretical and practical applications of instructional design in an online or tech-enhanced environment. Topics such as learning theory, project management, accessibility, and universal design for learning will be explored. At the face-to-face meeting, participants will develop an action plan and form cohorts that will work together for the web-based portion of the program, which will allow for continued interaction within an online community of practice.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Integrate outcomes-based instructional technology into teaching and learning in order to develop a personal technology literacy framework that emphasizes practicality and accessibility.
  • Utilize reflection and dialogue in order to foster a critical approach to instructional technology applications.
  • Integrate instructional design methodology in one’s teaching practice in order to create learner-focused, engaging, and innovative pedagogies.

Program Dates:
March 21-22, 2017: Face-to-face program component at ACRL 2017 in Baltimore, Maryland.
March 29-April 26, 2017: Online program component.

Questions concerning the program or application process should be directed to Margot Conahan at (312) 280-2522 or email