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Not Magical, Not Realism | The New Republic

Not Magical, Not Realism | The New Republic.  Naomi Daremblum reviews Isabel Allende’s latest novel, Island Beneath the Sea. It may be heresy to challenge the literary reputation of Isabel Allende, but reading Island Beneath the Sea one cannot but conclude that some essential inspiration and vitality is now missing from her work. Yes, she once gave female characters their due as central actors in Latin American history and politics;.. Read More

Rebecca Donner reviews the novel, A Short History of Women by Kate Walbert, at Multigenerational novels about women often elicit analogies to tapestries–relationships are interwoven, themes are intertwined, and there is much braiding of narrative strands. Let us not likewise domesticate Kate Walbert’s remarkable novel A Short History of Women, which traces five generations back to Dorothy Trevor Townsend, a Cambridge-educated suffragette who commits suicide for her cause. Read.. Read More

Poems from the Women’s Movement

Elizabeth Lund reviews Poems from the Women’s Movement by Honor Moore for the Christian Science Monitor. This “landmark collection” is powerful precisely because it is not a manifesto. Instead, the power of these poems comes from the fact that one writer after another — from the 1960s to the 1980s — dared to say what hadn’t been voiced before. In doing so, they helped other women — from scholars to.. Read More