Publicity save-the-date image for the 2014 National Women's Studies Association Annual Conference, entitled Feminist Transgressions.

The 2014 National Women’s Studies Association Annual Conference will be held November 13-16, in Puerto Rico. Due to intense interest and a record number of applications to present, this will be the largest NWSA conference to date, with over 500 sessions! Below are two library-related panels that are being presented by faculty-librarian teams (including several WGSS-ers), plus the Librarians Task Force Business Meeting. Please consider coming to Puerto Rico. It’s not too late!

Encountering Digital Feminist Scholarship: Faculty and Librarian Collaborations for Student Research in the Classroom
Presenters: Jane Nichols, Sharon Ladenson, Sherri Barnes, Kryn Freehling-Burton, Cheryl Caesar, and Chloe Diamond-Lenow

Fri, Nov 14, 7:45 to 9:00am, Sheraton, Miramar-4

Strong collaborations between women and gender studies teachers and librarians are effective means to building student research skills. Panelists will examine pedagogical approaches to teach students to think critically about all aspects of research from production, evaluation, organization, distribution, to preservation of feminist scholarship. A particular focus for this roundtable is the engagement with digital scholarship and how this scholarship can be used in conjunction with other disciplinary bodies of literature. Join us to share what has worked for you, hear new ideas, and ask questions about future directions for collaborations between teachers and librarians.

Technologizing Information Literacy in Introductory Course Group Projects
Presenter: Brian Jara, West Virginia University (Workshop)

Fri, Nov 14, 2:30 to 3:45pm, PRCC, 207 (LCD)

The workshop facilitators, a women’s and gender studies research librarian and the faculty coordinator of a multi-section introductory course, will discuss a year-long information literacy course enhancement project in which we developed a series of curricular revisions centered around a public “Women’s and Gender Studies Fair” of group research projects. We invite participants to join us in sharing successes, challenges, best practices, ideas, sample projects, and rubrics.
Librarians Task Force Affiliation Business Meeting

Please come if you are at the conference. We need to strategize for next year!

Sat, Nov 15, 2:30 to 3:45pm, PRCC, 211


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Many thanks to Jennifer Gilley for bringing this to our attention!