…and while they’re somewhat higher, they’re still pretty low.

image for VIDA Count. Text on image reads, "I count. #vidacount"

What, pray tell, are VIDA numbers?

The VIDA Count is an annual tally of the number of female  reviewers, female authored pieces, and reviews of female authored books published by a core list of influential literary publications. These publications include titles such as The Paris Review and The New York Review of Books. Essentially, it’s a way to gauge how many women are represented in a given publication. Ideally, that number would be the same as the current population, i.e. 50% (or, if anything slightly higher since according to the U.S. Census, the international ratio of women to men is actually 101.4).

Although VIDA reports that things have gotten a little better over the past year, it’s still not great. Of the 39 publications, only 10 had VIDA numbers of 50 or higher. Some very big names, such as the New Republic, still have very low numbers (21.4 for the New Republic, which is apparently the worst yet in the five years that the VIDA Count has been going).

To find out more (including a discussion of the methodologies that were used), check out VIDA’s web site.