The ACRL Women & Gender Studies Section is currently seeking a volunteer Assistant Newsletter Editor.

The WGSS Newsletter provides biannual updates of Women & Gender Studies Section activities for Section members. Prospective newsletter editors are expected to attend Annual and Midwinter meetings, stay abreast of Section activities, and be attentive to newsletter design, layout, and editorial standards.

The Editors serve a two-year term, one as Assistant Editor and one as Editor. Editors are non-voting ex-officio members of the WGSS Executive Committee and Publications Committee. Editors may divide up the editorial and text inputting tasks as is most convenient for them. Camera-ready copy is sent to ACRL for production and mailing. Editors solicit input and news from WGSS officers, committee chairs and members, and may write original copy. At least one editor must be at WGSS Executive and Publications Committee meetings and Membership meetings.  Editors also must attend the ACRL meetings for newsletter editors.

If interested in seeking this appointment, please write a brief paragraph, stating your interest in this position, qualifications and your expected level of commitment and send it to Pamela Mann ( and Beth Strickland (