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Jen Stevens

Jen Stevens is the Women and Gender Studies Librarian at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia (she also works with English and Communication).

Sometimes It Doesn’t Pay to be Modest

According to a recent analysis* of JSTOR articles from the past 60 years commissioned by The Chronicle of Higher Education, women are 56% less likely to cite themselves than men are. Moreover, it’s getting worse. Analysis of articles from just the past ten years showed men to be 64% more likely to cite themselves. The overall percentage of self-citations is pretty low for both men and women (only 1/40th of all.. Read More

The New VIDA Numbers Are Out

…and while they’re somewhat higher, they’re still pretty low. What, pray tell, are VIDA numbers? The VIDA Count is an annual tally of the number of female  reviewers, female authored pieces, and reviews of female authored books published by a core list of influential literary publications. These publications include titles such as The Paris Review and The New York Review of Books. Essentially, it’s a way to gauge how many women are.. Read More

Gender Composition of Scholarly Publications

Researchers at the University Washington’s Eigenfactor Project have produced a gender browser that shows how many female authors were published in JSTOR journals between 1665 and 2011. A few pertinent facts: For the overall period (1665-2011), only 22% of authorships of any author position are women Women had the highest percentage of authorships (37.3%) for Education Women were the least represented in Mathematics (6.6%) During the period of 1990-2011, the overall.. Read More

Working It Out

Last week, I came across a really interesting book, Working It Out: 23 Women Writers, Artists, Scientists, and Scholars Talk About Their Lives and Work (edited by Sara Ruddick and Pamela Daniels). It was published in 1977, some 37 years ago. The edition that we have at George Mason University Libraries was a gift, and on the inside, someone had written “Dear Claudia, I loved this book and thought you would.. Read More