ULS Activities at ALA Midwinter 2014

If you are heading to Midwinter in Philly, please take note of our events and meetings that are happening.

For the first time ULS will be hosting an All Committee Meeting. Almost all the committees in ULS will be represented at the time slot. Some will be having a meeting which you are welcome to join (regardless of being on that committee) and some will just have a representative there to chat with any interested members about volunteering with ULS. (Learn more about ULS committees here & note that we are accepting volunteers for committees now too!)  You are also welcome to attend the separate discussion group meetings and PLEASE come to our social on Saturday night! Details on all are below.


Beth Filar Williams
Chair ULS 2013/14


ULS All Committees Meeting
1/25, SAT 10:30-11:30, LOEWS-Congress A

Campus Administration and Leadership Discussion Group
1/25, SAT 3:00-4:00, PCC-303 AB, Topics: partnering with Grants & Contracts offices

Committee on the Future of University Libraries
1/26, SUN 8:30-10:00,  PCC-118 C

Evidence-Based Practices Discussion Group
1/26, SUN 10:30-11:30, PCC-307 A

Mid-Level Managers Discussion Group
1/26, SUN 10:30-11:30, PCC-308

Public Service Directors of Large Research Libraries Discussion Group
1/26, SUN 4:30-6:30,  PCC-307 B

1/25, SAT 5:30-7:00  at the Field House, 1150 Filbert St. 19107
Find out more here & sign up to attend on the ULS Facebook page (linked above)

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