The Future of Universities and Their Libraries – Committee Report


The Committee‘s work this year has been based on 2 assumptions.

1. The future of academic libraries is tied to the future of their universities.

2. The Committee is just one unit with ULS and ACRL that is actively examining the role of libraries and the Committee does not need to duplicate that immense body of work.

On that basis the Committee chose to focus on the future of higher education and produced a Report that is an outline of issues accompanied by a bibliography of current hot topics. The Report cites issues and publications that have piqued the interest of committee members over the course of the year, and is not intended to be comprehensive in its coverage. The hope is that the work might spark conversations and inform decisions. Clayton M. Christensen, professor of business at Harvard University, coined the term “disruptive innovation”  for changes that improve products in unexpected ways. In surveying this Report one can get an appreciation for the current and future leadership and management challenges and a deeper understanding of how changes in higher education can fashion what we can contribute to the effectiveness of our universities as well as our libraries.

The following link will take you to a copy of the report and its comprehensive bibliography.

Loretta Wallace

Business, Economics, Hotel & Restaurant Management Librarian University of Houston

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