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Confronting the Myth of Neutrality: Academic Libraries, Advocacy, and Free Speech (ALA Annual 2021, On Demand)

This panel features presenters with experience in balancing issues of library advocacy and free speech in academic libraries. Invited panelists will be both librarians and campus administrators or faculty who are knowledgeable about issues and topics currently contributing to the larger conversations happening on campuses regarding library neutrality, libraries as spaces of advocacy and the complications surrounding these challenges. By exploring these issues, it is our intention that this panel will offer best practices about how libraries can provide a space for engaging in candid discussion, which supports meaningful change.

Making the Case for Diversity: Grassroots Leadership as a Catalyst for Change (2018 Annual)

Saturday, June 23 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM Morial Convention Center, Rm 291-292 This interactive session brings together librarians who have taken a grassroots leadership role in driving diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives (DEI) at their institutions. In our current socio-political environment, DEI is a necessary core value of our...