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Raise Your Voice: Increasing Diversity and Inclusion by Participating in Scholarly Peer Review

Scholarly publishing needs input from diverse voices to ensure both quality and equity. Let Erin Owens, an experienced peer reviewer for more than 10 LIS journals, show you how scholarly peer review can benefit you, your peers, and the profession as a whole.

Making the Case for Diversity: Grassroots Leadership as a Catalyst for Change (2018 Annual)

Saturday, June 23 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM Morial Convention Center, Rm 291-292 This interactive session brings together librarians who have taken a grassroots leadership role in driving diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives (DEI) at their institutions. In our current socio-political environment, DEI is a necessary core value of our...

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Inclusion on Campus: How Libraries Foster a Welcoming Culture

Sponsored by the ACRL ULS Campus Administration and Leadership Discussion Group, please join us for a lively conversation about inclusion on campus. Extending beyond hiring practices and programming, we hope to facilitate a discussion around the structures, systems, and processes that perpetuate inequality in the academy and in librarianship. In...