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Building a Community to Foster Your Professional Growth [video replay]

On March 25, 2021 the ACRL University Library Professional Development Committee sponsored a program on how solo and small organization librarians can build a community to foster professional grown.

Building a Community to Foster Your Professional Growth

Many academic and research librarians work solo or in small organizations. Working in these environments can foster extremely versatile skill-building and independence. However, it can also lead to a feeling of isolation from other librarians. One common concern among librarians who feel disconnected is that they do not have the opportunities to learn from others, and to benefit from mentorship, collaboration, or other opportunities for professional growth.

Wayne State University Libraries Tech Bunker: Connecting the Dots via Community, Technology, and Engagement

In an immersive environment where almost everything is becoming more active and interactive, this presentation will provide a demonstration of one of the ways the Wayne State University Libraries is helping position individuals to be global learners in a fast-paced and technical society.