Making the Case for Diversity: Grassroots Leadership as a Catalyst for Change (2018 Annual)

Saturday, June 23
4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Morial Convention Center, Rm 291-292

This interactive session brings together librarians who have taken a grassroots leadership role in driving diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives (DEI) at their institutions. In our current socio-political environment, DEI is a necessary core value of our profession. Librarians are finding themselves on the leading edge of social justice movements. In this forum, we will discuss how to integrate DEI throughout your organization, moving forward to effectively collaborate with partners to impact social change. Attendees will hear stories of challenges and success from speakers from a range of small and large institutions, and will leave this session with some actionable ideas for becoming change agents at their own institutions. In an effort to facilitate a rich discussion, and to encourage a community of practice after the session, organizers will create a microsite with resources to help attendees prepare for the session beforehand, and to share and continue the conversation after the conference has ended.


Toni Anaya
Instruction Coordinator, Associate Professor
University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Stephanie Rosen
Accessibility Specialist
University of Michigan Library

Jon Cawthorne
Wayne State University Library System and School of Information Sciences

Jennifer Chan
Scholarly Communication Librarian
University of California, Los Angeles

For more information, contact Amanda Peters,

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