How to Think (and Act) Like a UX Librarian (Part 1) [video replay]

In the past few years, many university libraries have hired user experience (UX) librarians to evaluate and improve library websites, services, and systems. But what exactly is a UX Librarian? What does their workday look like? And do you have to be a UX librarian to do user experience work? Three experienced UX librarians from Duke University, North Carolina State University, and the University of Arizona will share how their jobs have evolved over time and what they see as the biggest challenges and opportunities for UX work within academic libraries. Learn ways you can (and should!) incorporate UX thinking and processes into your daily work, even if UX isn’t in your job description.


Rebecca Blakiston, User Experience Librarian (University of Arizona Libraries)
Josh Boyer, Department Head, User Experience (North Carolina State University Libraries)
Emily Daly, Head of Assessment & User Experience and Librarian for Education (Duke University Libraries)

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