Greetings from the ULS Chair

Greetings ULS Community!

As the current Chair of ULS for this year 2013/14, I wanted to say hello and share some information to our over 4,475 ULS members! (# as of August 2013).


1) Celebrate our Accomplishments

Every year  ACRL leaders of the sections, interest groups, and chapters report the activities and programs that their unit carried out in support of the ACRL Plan for Excellence. Check out the report for ULS for FY13 (June 2012-July 2013) by Past-Chair Stephanie Atkins on ULS ALA Connect site.


2) Join the Online Conversations

ULS is looking for more ways to engage our members – especially for those who may not be able to travel to conferences – and to continue conversations from conference events. We have folks in ULS leadership with experience conducting online learning sessions (like our TULScommittee’s lightning round ups!)  who are helping coordinate with various ULS committees for content and topics.  ULS Exec  has decided to try offering at least two  “Online Discussions” for our members to join in virtually this year.  Details will be coming soon but hold the date Dec 2, 2-3 pm EST for the first ACRL ULS Online Discussion!


3) Network and Connect

Are you planning to attend Midwinter in Philly? We are trying a new idea this year for ULS committees. We will have one All-Committee Meeting (tentative) SAT JAN 25, 10:30-11:30am where most committees in ULS will represent. Those on these committees can meet up for a meeting, but other  interested members can stop by and learn more.  Some committees will still have their own timeslot at midwinter  – especially those who do discussion groups: Campus Admin and Leadership DG, Committee on the Future of Libraries, Evidence-based Practices DG and Mid-Level Managers DG.  (Find out more about all the ULS committees)  Note:  We also will not host an in-person meeting for ULS Exec at Midwinter but rather will be hosting an online meeting after the conference.


4) Network and Connect with ULS virtually

Find us on facebook.

Check out our wiki.

Join the ULS Listserv.

Connect on ALA Connect

And be sure to check out more on our blog – guest submissions are welcome so please share!


I’m excited about the possibilities this year and hope you all will find ways to get involved, network, learn, and share. Please contact me if you have any thoughts or ideas or questions!


beth filar williams
University Libraries Section Chair

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