Evidence-Based Librarianship Discussion Group (2013 ALA annual)

At the meeting of the Evidence-Based Librarianship Discussion Group of ULS at ALA in June 2012, one major discussion point was to define “evidence-based librarianship.” To follow up on that discussion, three committee members and I have committed to reading a series of articles on different aspects of evidence-based librarianship. We hope to offer a brief summary of each of the articles, post the resulting bibliography, and then use the articles as a jumping off point for a discussion at Midwinter in Seattle. We meet on Sun., Jan. 27, from 10:30 to 11:30 in the Washington State Convention Center, TCC LL2.

We hope to see some of you there! If you are interested in summarizing an article, let me know.

Lisa Horowitz

This is our potential reading list:

Editorials by Andrew Booth in EBLIP



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Loretta Wallace

Business, Economics, Hotel & Restaurant Management Librarian University of Houston

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