Establishing a Scholarly Communication Baseline: Using Liaison Competencies to Design Scholarly Communication Boot Camp Training Sessions [video replay]

This video discusses the evolution of liaison competencies at ECU and how they are incorporated into library trainings and every day liaison work.

At East Carolina University (ECU), the Scholarly Communication Librarian and the Head of Collection Development have been conducting Scholarly Communication Boot Camps for liaison librarians since 2015. These boot camps have covered topics like open educational resources, copyright, author’s rights, data management, and more. ECU’s liaisons are spread across many different departments, and the boot camp allows for continuity of concepts and best practices among librarians with varied primary duties. Recently, the Head of Research and Instructional Services and the He ad of Collection Development reworked the library’s liaison competencies. The revised document delineates concepts and best practices in a format that is not unlike that of formal learning objectives. The new competencies will be used for writing job descriptions for hiring committees, goal setting, training new hires, and more. As a result of this work, we have built new boot camp sessions around these revised competencies.

Brought to you by the ACRL University Libraries Section (ULS) Professional Development Committee.

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