Applications and Implications of Artificial Intelligence in Academic Libraries

Free webinar
Tuesday, December 3, 2019
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM (Central)
Presented via Zoom
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Join us for a webinar discussing current applications and implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in academic libraries. AI has been gaining increasing popularity in scholarly works and across major conferences.

McGill University Liaison Librarian for Management, Business, and Entrepreneurship, Amanda Wheatley, will examine the current state of AI initiatives in academic libraries in the US and Canada, as well preliminary survey findings of librarians perceptions of AI.

University of Guelph Librarian Emeritus, Michael Ridley, will provide an overview of “explainable AI” or XAI, and a discussion of specific ways in which it relates to the mission of the academic library and to its services.

This webinar is provided by the ACRL University Libraries Section Technology in University Libraries Committee. For more information, contact the session moderator, Afra Bolefski at

Presenter Bios

Amanda Wheatley is the Liaison Librarian for Management, Business, and Entrepreneurship at McGill University. Her research interests include gamification, artificial intelligence, and emerging technologies. Amanda is currently involved in a research project on the intersection of artificial intelligence and user services in academic libraries, she is working toward the promotion of AI literacy for all.

Michael Ridley, Librarian Emeritus, University of Guelph, is a PhD Candidate in the Faculty of Information and Media Studies, Western University where he is researching machine information behaviour and algorithmic literacy. For many years he was the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Librarian at the University of Guelph. Currently he is a Postgraduate Affiliate at the Vector Institute and a Visiting Scholar at the Ryerson University Library. Ridley holds degrees from Guelph (BA), New Brunswick (MA), and Toronto (MLS, MEd). Ridley blogs at, is on Twitter @mridley, and can be reached at

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