Yearly Archive: 2020

newspaper navigator

Newspaper Navigator: Re-imagining Library Search and Discovery with Machine Learning [video replay]

In this talk, Ben Lee presented his project, Newspaper Navigator, created in collaboration with LC Labs, the National Digital Newspaper Program, and IT Design & Development at the Library of Congress, as well as Professor Daniel Weld at the University of Washington. In particular, he discussed the two phases of...

Tapping into Specialist Knowledge [video replay]

On December 1, 2020 the ULS Professional Development Committee moderated a program on strategies for developing collaborations between data professionals and subject and technical services librarians. The panelists presented several strategies that focused on the reciprocal nature of building relationships, teaching/learning new technologies, and sharing expertise within the library.

Tapping into Specialist Knowledge: Strategies to Enhance Data Services Support through Collaboration

Library professionals with data responsibilities often collaborate on data-related support with fellow library professionals, units across campus, and student and faculty researchers. It is through these collaborations and partnerships that libraries can leverage the infrastructure and diverse skill sets needed to build effective and successful data-related support for the campus community. Yet, how these partnerships form and the shapes they take, particularly within the library, varies.

Learning Together: Case Studies in Implementing Faculty Learning Communities Around Information Literacy [video replay]

On July 21, 2020 the ULS Professional Development Committee sponsored a session in which four librarians shared their experiences with information literacy-focused faculty leaning communities. Panelists shared how their faculty learning communities came to be, how they have been funded or otherwise supported, how they set goals and outcomes for their communities, how they selected content and developed activities for learning community participants, how they assessed these projects, and other lessons they learned along the way.

Learning Together: Case Studies in Implementing Faculty Learning Communities Around Information Literacy

Have you ever wished that you had more time to engage with teaching faculty and other instructors at your institution about information literacy in a more in-depth way? In this panel presentation, librarians from four different institutions will share their experiences working with information literacy-focused faculty learning communities.

Deficit or equity: Decoding implicit thinking and practice in information literacy teaching and learning [video replay]

On June 18, 2020 the ACRL University Libraries Section Professional Development Committee sponsored a presentation on decoding implicit thinking and practice in information literacy teaching and learning.


Remote Outreach and Engagement [video replay]

The ACRL/ULS Academic Outreach Committee offers a series of Online Roundtable Discussions on topics related to academic outreach endeavors. In these discussions librarians share and exchange ideas to learn how to identify techniques for adapting outreach and engagement programs to an online environment. Tuesday, June 2, 2020 Wednesday, June 3,...

Mary Anne Hansen Outstanding Professional Development Award 2020

ULS Outstanding Professional Development Award Interview: Mary Anne Hansen

Mary Anne Hansen, Tribal College Librarians Institute Coordinator, is the 2020 recipient of the ACRL ULS Outstanding Professional Development Award. Sponsored by Library Juice Academy, the $1,000 award recognizes librarians, archivists or curators whose contributions to providing professional development opportunities for librarians have been especially noteworthy or influential. The Mary...

Deficit or equity: Decoding implicit thinking and practice in information literacy teaching and learning

In this presentation and online discussion, attendees will learn about a framework for advancing equitable practice in higher education paired with a popular pedagogical strategy (Decoding the Disciplines) that can help librarians and instructors design student-centered assignments and activities while avoiding a deficit approach to the development of students’ information literacy.

Wayne State University Libraries Tech Bunker: Connecting the Dots via Community, Technology, and Engagement

In an immersive environment where almost everything is becoming more active and interactive, this presentation will provide a demonstration of one of the ways the Wayne State University Libraries is helping position individuals to be global learners in a fast-paced and technical society.