2017 ULS Candidate for Vice Chair/Chair-Elect: Nicole Sump-Crethar

Nicole Sump-Crethar is one of two candidates this year for ULS Vice Chair/Chair-Elect. She is an Associate Professor and Head of Digital Resources and Discovery Services at Oklahoma State University. Read this interview to learn more about Nicole and what her goals would be if elected as Vice Chair/Chair-Elect.


Tell us more about yourself and how you became an academic librarian.

My very first library job was in the archives. I absolutely loved it and even though I worked in a couple of different libraries in between when I finally landed at Oklahoma State University, I knew I was in the right place for me.





How long have you been involved in ULS and what attracted you to the section?

I joined ULS in 2008 shortly after arriving at Oklahoma State University. I was new to university librarianship. People who work in universities know that there are differences that aren’t always easy for a newcomer to navigate. My ULS colleagues were always patient and helpful.


In your opinion, what are some of the most interesting topics or trends we’re seeing in university libraries?

For my department, linked data has been an important focus of our efforts. Technical services is seeing some pretty dramatic shifts in how we work and where to apply increasingly limited resources. There are so many wonderful things in our libraries, and we want to link them to the wider world. My state recently became a hub for DPLA and our institutional repository is a joint project with other universities in the state, but there is more that needs to be done and linked data is an efficient way to spread out more. Of course, anything that makes accurate information more accessible is critical in an age of alternative facts and fake news.


What goals for the section would you have if elected to this position? How do you envision committees and members helping the section achieve those goals?

University libraries are in a unique position to lead efforts to save data from oblivion and educate people on filtering fact from fiction. ULS can help us better coordinate our efforts and leverage our resources. Continuing to build on the section’s work in professional development and networking to help us tackle the enormous challenges we face in the coming years is critical.


Where do you see ULS going in the future? How does it need to change and evolve to stay relevant to academic librarians?

In recent years we’ve already made some great changes to become more agile in terms of committee make-up and charge as well as adding in more web-based discussions to help members feel connected throughout the year. I’d like to see us build on the work that has already started so we can stay nimble and responsive to our membership.


Tell us something interesting about yourself that not very many people know.

I was a copy cataloger and a storytime lady in my past life. I have been told my Tarzan yell is excellent.


Read our interview with the other candidate for ULS Vice Chair/Chair-Elect, Kerry Creeland, here: http://www.acrl.ala.org/ULS/2017-uls-candidate-for-vice-chairchair-elect-kerry-creelman/

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