Public Service Directors of Large Research Libraries Discussion Group for ALA MidWinter 2017

digital scholarship framework

Workflow of Scholarship Framework presented by Scott McDonald and Ellyssa Stern at the PSU TLT Symposium session on “Digital Scholarship: How Digital Tools are Reshaping Academic Work” Posted on Flickr by Alan Levine CC-Attribution

Join us is Atlanta at the ALA Midwinter Conference for adDiscussion of issues of common interest to the senior public service administrators of large research libraries, and a forum for the exchange of information on new developments, techniques and problems in administering public services. We’ll kick start our conversation at Midwinter with a discussion of the following three topics:

  • Digital Scholarship Support
    How are you approaching digital scholarship support in your library? Where is this support provided? What services are offered and by whom? Do you have a digital scholarship centre? If so, how is it governed?
  • Liaison Roles, Responsibilities & Relationships
    How are the roles of your subject and/or functional liaisons at your library evolving? How do we track and assess the work that they are doing? How are you measuring the success of your liaison program overall and the relationships that are being built through it? What tools, if any, are you using to do this?
  • Open Education Resources/Open Textbooks
    What is your library doing to help students defray the increasingly high costs of their education? How are you engaging open education initiatives on your campus and beyond? What kind of partnerships with campus partners have you developed to support students and open education?

When: Sunday, January 22nd, 4:00-5:30 pm
Where: Westin, Chastain F

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