The Library Assessment Conference is fast approaching! For library value junkies, this conference promises to be full of great presentations and conversations.

While I haven’t seen the final, full conference program yet, the preliminary program is online at Here’s a list of presentations, workshops, and informal discussions related to library value in the order they appear in the program (first authors included in parentheses):

  • Library Value: Conceptualizing, Capturing, and Communicating Impact (Oakleaf)
  • What Do We Want to Know? Articulating a Research Agenda for the Value of Academic Libraries (Hinchliffe)
  • Assessment of the Use, Value, and ROI of All Academic Library Services (King)
  • Measuring the Impact of Electronic Library Materials on the University’s Research Mission (Rawls)
  • Using Library User Surveys to Assess the Library’s Impact on Student Outcomes (Stemmer)
  • One Size Doesn’t Fit All? Harnessing Multiple Assessment Frameworks to Build the Value Proposition for the Organization (Martinelli)
  • Increasing the Impact and Value of a Graduate Level Research Methods Course by Embedding Assessment Librarians and Library Assessment (Kinsley)
  • Telling the Story: Library Assessment for University Leadership (Tolson)
  • Making the Case for Institutional Investment in Libraries: The Value of Evidence-Based Narratives (Hiller)
  • Consortia Value: The Orbis Cascade Alliance (Slight-Gibney)
  • NCES Datasets and Library Value: An Exploratory Study of the 2008 Data (Schwieder)
  • Closing the Loop: Are Libraries Communicating Assessment Results to Students (Scharf)
  • User-Defined Value Metrics for Electronic Journals (Chew)
  • Electronic Collection Assessment and Benchmarking to Demonstrate the Value of Electronic Collections (Miller)

I may have missed value-focused sessions that should be on the list, so feel free to suggest other session titles by commenting below. And of course, the posters presented at the conference will likely be replete with value, impact, and ROI as well. So exciting!

Not attending the conference? That’s okay. Follow the conference on twitter: #lac12. Also, the LAC conference proceedings are available not-too-long after the conference, and you can always check out the past proceedings at

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  1. Thank you for the list. This will be my first time at LAC, and I’m still a bit of new librarian, so I’d like to attend everything!

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