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Dr. Penny Beile, Associate Director, University of Central Florida Libraries

Dr. Penny Beile, Associate Director, University of Central Florida Libraries

At the Evidence-Based Discussion Group at ALA Annual in San Francisco, Dr. Penny Beile from University of Central Florida Libraries shared a project underway at UCF: “A correlation study of library usage and student academic performance.” The presentation that Dr. Beile gave at ALA Annual is available for download below.

Dr. Beile shared her rationale for undertaking this study, citing other recent work on the subject, and the methods, which track student interaction with library instruction, research consultations, and library resources such as study rooms, interlibrary loan, and library computers. The study is currently correlating student interaction with the library with student grades and over time will look at retention, time to graduation, and GPA at graduation.

This type of correlation study is useful for demonstrating the way the library impacts student success and can provide information for increasing or revising library programs and services. Publications regarding library impact on faculty research, student performance, and institutional reputation are  collected and posted on the Valueography: Check it out and recommend additional publications for inclusion!

PDF: A correlation study of library usage and student academic performance



There is an ACRL eLearning webcast titled “Collaborating for Student Success: Libraries and High Impact Educational Practices” on Wednesday, August 26, 2015.

The description of the webcast:

In 2008 the Association of American Colleges and Universities published High-Impact Educational Practices by George D. Kuh.  These high-impact practices (HIPs) have been well-researched and proven to contribute to student success and retention.  Because of their success, HIPs have been implemented at many colleges and universities across the U.S.  At the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG), high Impact practices were extensively used in developing the most recent strategic plan. Librarians at UNCG were quite involved in the strategic planning process and collaborated closely with Academic and Student Affairs to implement the plan. To provide solid evidence of how the Libraries support high impact practices, we prepared an extensive report with very specific examples of our Libraries’ involvement with each practice.  Data for an academic year were also included to illustrate the extent of the Library’s contributions to student success.  The report was distributed widely on campus so that the Chancellor, Provost, academic Deans and other campus leaders would be well-informed of the Libraries’ significant value and impact on student success.

This interactive webcast will provide a review of research on how high impact practices foster student success nationally. Then, using learning communities (LCs) as a case study, it will provide information on how LCs contribute to student retention and success.  It will also recommend strategies for partnering with other campus units to promote high impact practices and then use the results to demonstrate the value and impact of the library on its campus.

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During the Value of Academic Libraries update session at ALA in San Francisco, Jennifer Fabbi (Library Dean, CSU San Marcos) and Carole Huston (Associate Provost, University of San Diego) shared their experience assessing information literacy within the framework of the WASC Senior College and University Commission. The presentation as well as sample assignments and rubrics are available here:

Dr. Fabbi did the math for us on how libraries' contributions to accreditation add value

Dr. Fabbi did the math for us on how libraries’ contributions to accreditation processes add value

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