About the Intellectual Freedom Committee Blog

The ACRL Intellectual Freedom Committee is charged with serving as a liaison between ACRL and the ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee as well as with other groups concerned with intellectual freedom. The committee also has an educative function, having been asked to advise academic librarians on the services and support available in formulating intellectual freedom policies and resisting any challenges that might impair the rights of users.

We have established the Intellectual Freedom Committee Blog in order to keep academic librarians more fully informed about these issues and to promote discussion. It is our intent that this blog will be a valuable resource offering

  • Links to news stories concerning intellectual freedom and academic rights
  • Descriptions of best practices in such areas as challenged materials and challenged displays
  • Links to Intellectual Freedom Committee Documents
  • Discussion of the Academic Bill of Rights
  • Discussion of challenges to intellectual freedom identified in the federal and state legislation reports

One of the great virtues of blogs is, of course, their interactivity. We hope academic librarians will take full advantage of the opportunity not simply to read the postings but to comment on them. The blog is intended to stimulate frank discussion of the intellectual and professional issues involved in promoting and defending intellectual freedom in academic libraries and academia as a whole.

Please note: Due to the American Library Association’s tax exemption as a 501(c)(3), ALA resources cannot be used to support or oppose any candidate for public office. Nor can they be used to link to other sites that contain such support or opposition. Neither can ALA’s resources be used to suggest or support boycotts or to make defamatory remarks.