Upcoming ACRL eLearning Offerings

ACRL eLearning has two new offerings next month.  Be sure to visit the ACRL eLearning page to view all upcoming webcasts and courses!

Being and Finding a Mentor
Format: 1.5 hour webcast
Meeting time: April 10, 2008 at 11 a.m. Pacific | 12:00 p.m. Mountain | 1:00 p.m. Central | 2:00 p.m. Eastern
Presenter: Kathryn Deiss

About the webcast:
Mentoring is fundamental to career development and professional growth. Kathryn Deiss will discuss what effective mentors and effective protégées do to create this important power relationship. Examine the difference between mentoring and coaching — a distinction not often made in the workplace.  Find out what can help you maximize your mentoring relationship if you have one, and what you need to do to develop one if you do not have one.  Registration for this webcast closes Tuesday, April 8 2008.  Availability is limited, so reserve your space today by visiting the ALA course registration web site.

Creating a Comprehensive Plan for Information Literacy
Format: 3-week Course
Meeting Dates: April 7 – 28, 2008
Presenter: Joanna Burkhardt

About the course:
This course will provide you with the information you need to create a comprehensive plan for information literacy for your institution. The course will cover:

  • planning
  • setting goals and objectives
  • how to organize and prioritize ideas
  • the writing process
  • and the creation of a draft plan

Students will be guided through the process of developing a comprehensive plan using worksheets developed by the presenter, participating in weekly on-line chats, and comparing examples of completed plans from a variety of institutions. Participants will learn how to establish and convene working groups, consider various means for collecting information and getting “buy-in” across campus, create a strategy for writing the plan, identify and select essential and optional components of a model plan, and put a draft of the plan on paper.

Registration for this eLearning course closes Thursday, April 3 2008. Availability is limited, so reserve your space today by visiting the ALA course registration page.

ACRL Podcast: Proposed ACRL Bylaws Change – Interest Groups

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In this podcast, ACRL President Julie Todaro talks with College & Research Libraries News editor-in-chief David Free about the proposed ACRL bylaws change to allow the creation of Interest Groups. The proposed change appears on the ballot in the 2008 ALA/ ACRL Election.

Time: 11:08

Click the play button below to listen to the podcast.

About the Music:
The music in ACRL Podcasts is “Don’t you,” mixed by stefsax and available on ccMixter. The music is used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license.

C&RL News – March 2008

C&RL News, March 2008

The March 2008 issue on C&RL News is now available online and in the mail. A big challenge facing college and university libraries today is raising awareness and changing perceptions of what we have to offer. The library must work to compete with a wide variety of education and entertainment options for the attention of potential users. Creative marketing is one way to raise awareness of libraries across the campus community.

In this month’s issue, Elizabeth M. Karle of St. Mary’s College addresses “Invigorating the academic library experience” through outreach and programming. She details five successful programs that worked to raise the profile of her library with students and faculty. Producing programming can often lead to opportunities to work with groups outside the library. At Miami University of Ohio, the library collaborated with campus and community organizations in hosting a well-received Japanese cultural festival. Stacy Brinkman and Frances Weinstein Yates write about this unique experience in their article “Promoting partnership” and provide tips for creating successful collaborative programs of any type. Richard Fyffe and William C. Welburn write about potential partnerships of a different kind in “ETDs, scholarly communication, and campus collaboration.” Fyffe and Welburn examine the challenges, opportunities, and potential benefits of ETD programs across the campus community in this month’s scholarly communication article.

To help you better prepare for the upcoming ALA election, the ACRL Board of Directors asked the two candidates for ALA President to respond to a set of questions about their candidacies and vision for the association. The responses from Camila Alire and J. Linda Williams are available in this issue. A list of ACRL members running for ALA Council is also provided. Make sure to vote in the election, beginning March 14.

Make sure to check out all of the other great content this month, including profiles of some of the 2008 ACRL award winner such as Dr. Peter Hernon of Simmons College, ACRL’s 2008 Academic/ Research Librarian of the Year. Enjoy!

Feature Articles:
ACRL honors the 2008 award winners – Megan Griffin
Invigorating the academic library experience – Elizabeth M. Karle
Promoting partnership – Stacy Brinkman and Frances Weinstein Yates
ETDs, scholarly communication and campus collaboration (Scholarly Communication)- Richard Fyffe and William C. Welburn
Meet the candidates (For ALA President) – Camila A. Alire and J. Linda Williams
ACRL members running for ALA Council
Global voices, global visions
(Internet Resources) – John H. Barnett
ACRL Board of Directors’ actions, January 2008
Vote yes to approve changes to ACRL bylaws– ACRL Board of Directors
A letter from ACRL President Julie Todaro

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New free online professional development for ACRL members!

Don’t miss our first ever ACRL Springboard Event: a free 90-minute interactive webcast for ACRL members on April 2.  We know that professional development is important to you, and are pleased to offer this annual program to “thank you” for your participation in ACRL. 
Join us on Wednesday, April 2, from 11:00 a.m. — 12:30 p.m. CDT, for a lively discussion about the future of higher education with Henry Jenkins, the Co-Director of the MIT Comparative Media Studies Program and the Peter de Florez Professor of Humanities.  Henry will also explore the skills and fluencies students will need for the 21st century and what the library can do to prepare for the future of higher education. 

By providing this Springboard event, the ACRL Board is responding to your feedback that professional development is one of the most important services that ACRL provides and that members want additional online learning opportunities. ACRL is pleased to offer this inaugural free professional development event for ACRL members and will continue to sponsor a free Springboard event annually if there is sufficient interest.
There is no registration fee for this member event, but please RSVP online at https://marvin.foresightint.com/surveys/Tier1Survey/ACRL/253 by March 26 to confirm your space in the webcast.  Log-in details will be sent to you a few days before the webcast.  Questions?  Contact mconahan@ala.org.

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