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New Framework for Information Literacy Discussion List, Webinar Archive

Based on participant feedback from the March 11, 2015, webinar on the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education, we’ve created a listserv to provide a convenient spot for exchanging ideas about the Framework. The new list will serve as an open forum for asking questions, posting professional development opportunities, and sharing examples of how you are using the Framework at your libraries. To subscribe, visit

The recorded presentation for the ACRL Presents webinar Putting the Framework for Information Literacy into Action: Next Steps is now available as well.

Final Framework Now Available!

small_bannerThe final HTML version of the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education is now available on the ACRL website for librarians to access and experiment with.

As evidenced by the engaging discussion and examples of ways librarians are already using it in their local environments, the Framework offers great potential for transforming our ways of thinking and practicing. We want everyone to contribute to the growth and development of the Framework as a dynamic, living document. In my new role as ACRL Visiting Program Officer for Information Literacy, I will be involved in planning and facilitating next steps, which will include professional development and other opportunities for conversations, collaborations, and sharing. Watch for an announcement of an upcoming free ACRL Presents… webinar at 1p.m. Central on March 4, featuring an overview of the Framework.

Heartfelt thanks to the Task Force for their hard work and commitment and thanks to all of you for your enthusiastic interest in the Framework.

Final Framework Version Coming Soon!

We at ACRL would like to thank the academic and research library community for your interest in the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education. We appreciate your enthusiasm and know you are eager to begin working with the document. ACRL staff are working on creating a copyedited HTML version of the document for posting on the association website. In the interim, you can access the final version submitted to the ACRL Board of Directors by the Framework Task Force on their website.

Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education – Final Version Sent to ACRL Board, January 16, 2015 (PDF)

We will post here on ACRL Insider and social media again in the near future when the HTML version is available on the ACRL website. Thanks again for your enthusiastic interest in the Framework.

Mary Ellen K. Davis, ACRL Executive Director

More from the ACRL Board on the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education

The ACRL Board of Directors met on Saturday, January 31, 2015, to discuss the proposed Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education. This agenda item was coupled with an open microphone session. We were very pleased that about 60 guests were present for this conversation, 12 of whom opted to speak with the Board during open mic. Comments continued to be thoughtful, thought provoking, impassioned and very helpful.  Many thanks colleagues, for your full participation through a variety of options for giving input.

The Board met again on Monday, February 2, 2015, to take action. Following careful consideration of the comments and perspectives contributed by librarians over many months, the Board engaged in thoughtful discussion about the role of the Framework and the existing Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education, the expectations of the membership, and how best to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of stakeholders while at the same time moving the profession forward in its thinking about information literacy.

The Board voted to recognize the excellent work of the Task Force in producing a document that will forge new directions in information literacy research and practice, and, in accordance with parliamentary procedure, we took the official action of ‘filing’ the Framework document in order to foster its intended flexibility and potential. This positive action allows the Framework to move forward as a dynamic, living document that can be changed in the future without needing a vote and full Board approval. In plain English, this means that we have accepted the Framework and it will assume its place among the constellation of documents used by information literacy practitioners.

Many members expressed excitement about the Framework and intend to begin working with it immediately. Others see its value, but believe it pairs well with a set of standards.  We’ve heard so many perspectives on the value or lack of value of standards, that we feel conversation around sunsetting the Standards is best deferred until we’ve had more opportunity to see how the Framework builds. In the interest of sustainable change, we believe that this path will allow for greatest success.

The Board believes the ACRL membership needs time and support for learning more about the Framework and how to use it. To that end, Sharon Mader, the newly appointed ACRL Visiting Program Officer for Information Literacy, will work for the next two years with member leaders to develop resources to help members use the framework, such as building a “sandbox” for examples and experimentation by the community. Sharon, who has long been involved as a valued member leader in ACRL’s information literacy and standards work, will also work with member stakeholders to create a professional development program to assist librarians in understanding how they can use the Framework and contribute to its growth.

The Board expresses its deep appreciation for the hard work and deep consultation that the Task Force undertook to engage the community in this stimulating scholarly discussion and to introduce this new way of thinking and practicing to the academic library community. You can look forward to learning more about ACRL’s work in this area and opportunities to engage in the weeks and months ahead.

– Karen Williams, ACRL President

ACRL Board Update on the Proposed Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education

The ACRL Board of Directors would like to thank everyone joining in the scholarly discourse around the proposed new Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education. This is the kind of dialogue in which colleagues participate in the creation of new knowledge and understanding; and the outcomes from this process will be much richer for having so many thoughtful voices contribute.

As many of you know, the current Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education were adopted by ACRL in 2000, and, after a regular cyclical review, the ACRL Board approved a unanimous recommendation in June 2012 that they be a significantly revised. A new Task Force charged with that undertaking has been working for nearly two years and following ACRL’s process for review of standards, sent its final work to the ACRL Information Literacy Standards Committee on January 5, 2015. The IL Standards Committee met virtually and approved the proposed Framework, sending it on to the ACRL Standards Committee. They, too, met virtually and approved the document, sending it to the ACRL Board of Directors for our consideration.

On behalf of the Board I’d like to summarize the process going forward. The ACRL Standards Committee has submitted a Board of Directors Action Form that includes an overview of the work of the Task Force and four recommendations for action. The form, together with a transmittal sheet outlining the process for vetting the Framework, and the final Framework document itself, is available on the Task Force website. The Task Force meets with the Board during our first Midwinter meeting on Saturday afternoon, January 31, from 4-5 p.m. at the Sheraton Chicago, Ontario Room. As always, the Board meeting is open to all. We will begin by engaging in a conversation and we may or may not reach the stage of taking action.

There is an open microphone session immediately following the Framework conversation on Saturday afternoon from 5-5:30 p.m. and interested individuals are invited to take advantage of this opportunity to share thoughts with the Board. If you’ve ever attended a Board meeting before you’ll notice a departure from the traditional room arrangement on Saturday afternoon. The Board is experimenting with an arrangement of round tables to create a more comfortable atmosphere and encourage a more conversational approach to Board interactions.

The ACRL Board meets a second time at the ALA Midwinter Meeting on Monday afternoon, February 2, at the Sheraton Chicago, Sheraton Ballroom 1. There is time on the Board agenda for the Framework at 3:15–4:00 p.m.

The topic of the current IL Standards and the proposed new Framework is a very important one for ACRL and for the many students and faculty with whom we work on our campuses. As such, the Board will continue to spend time engaged in deep listening, open conversation, and thoughtful reflection. We have the utmost respect for the Task Force which has paid careful attention to more than a thousand pieces of input and revised the Framework based on your comments. We have the same respect for all of you who have taken the time to share your experiences and good thinking. We will consider all points of view, input, and recommendations before making any decisions. The Board strives to make the best decisions for the ACRL and higher education communities.

– Karen A. Williams, ACRL President

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