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New Framework for Information Literacy Discussion List, Webinar Archive

Based on participant feedback from the March 11, 2015, webinar on the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education, we’ve created a listserv to provide a convenient spot for exchanging ideas about the Framework. The new list will serve as an open forum for asking questions, posting professional development opportunities, and sharing examples of how you are using the Framework at your libraries. To subscribe, visit

The recorded presentation for the ACRL Presents webinar Putting the Framework for Information Literacy into Action: Next Steps is now available as well.

Application materials now available for Immersion Assessment/Intentional Teaching tracks

Application materials for the ACRL Information Literacy Immersion Program Assessment and Intentional Teaching Tracks are now available. Applications are due Friday, May 15, 2015.

The Immersion Program allows you to embrace your educational role by embarking on a path of teacher development and pedagogical inquiry in a community of practice for academic librarians devoted to collaborative learning and individual renewal.  The program will be offered in Nashville, Tennessee. Assessment track dates are November 4-7, 2015; Intentional Teaching track dates are November 4-8, 2015.

Assessment: Demonstrating the Educational Value of the Academic Library Track (November 4-7, 2015) — Discover how to approach assessment from a learning-centered perspective. Participants will emerge with a broader understanding of assessment and how to use assessment as an important tool to guide evidence-based classroom, curriculum and program development. Learning outcomes include:

  • Define assessment in terms of student learning in order to understand its relationship to good teaching, library viability, and change
  • Formulate a learning-centered philosophy of assessment in order to inform development of information literacy program elements
  • Explore and utilize multiple modes of assessment in order to build a culture of evidence upon which to base programmatic development and change
  • Critically examine a variety of assessment techniques and methodologies in order to evaluate them for application in your institutional setting
  • Examine the leadership role of the library in a collaborative IL assessment effort in order to build support and trust among the stakeholder groups at your institution

I love Immersion. Every program I’ve gone to has done more to change me in a few days than years of work. Thank you so much!” ~ 2014 Assessment Immersion participant

Intentional Teaching: Reflective Teaching to Improve Student Learning Track (November 4-8, 2015) — Find out how to become more self-aware and self-directed as a teacher.  This track is aimed at the experienced academic librarian (5+ years teaching experience, in a library or other setting) and facilitates the process of critical reflection through peer discussion, readings and personal reflection as a pathway to professional growth and renewal. Learning outcomes include:

  • Engage in ongoing reflective practice in order to sustain professional renewal and growth.
  • Articulate a personal philosophy of teaching and learning in order to intentionally shape the student experience.
  • Align personal philosophy with daily practice in order to consistently actualize your beliefs, intentions and actions
  • Participate in a community of practice in order to access and share ideas, resources, publications, support structures, and networks.
  • Value uncertainty and risk-taking in order to deepen your identity and integrity as a teacher.

Teachers were all fantastic! Participants were all extraordinary people. Fell in love with everyone. Readings were very informative. Can’t wait to go home and read all the books and share them with my colleagues. I’m stoked. Can’t wait to go home and teach!” ~ 2014 Intentional Teaching Immersion participant

Visit the Immersion website for complete details about the program, including curriculum details and application instructions. Questions concerning the program or application process should be directed to Margot Conahan at (312) 280-2522 or

ACRL Presents Webcast –Putting the Framework for Information Literacy into Action (3/4)

small_bannerJoin us for the free ACRL Presents webcast, “Putting the Framework for Information Literacy into Action: Next Steps,” on Wednesday, March 4, from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. Central.  Following the ACRL Board Action at Midwinter, the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education is now a dynamic living document that has great potential for transforming information literacy research and practice.  This webcast will provide an overview of next steps for the Framework and will highlight examples of how librarians are already incorporating it into their work.  Join us to learn more about plans for creating resources and professional development opportunities to support librarians in using the Framework and contributing to its growth.

Learning outcomes:

  • Become more familiar with how the threshold concept foundation of the Framework can inform action research and curriculum design.
  • Explore examples of how librarians are experimenting with the Framework in a variety of contexts.
  • Hear about next steps for using the Framework and how you can contribute.

Presenters: ACRL President Karen Williams and Sharon Mader, ACRL Visiting Program Officer for Information Literacy

How to register
Submit your free registration online by noon Central, March 3, 2015.  The webcast will be recorded and made available shortly after the live event.

Questions should be directed to

Final Framework Now Available!

small_bannerThe final HTML version of the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education is now available on the ACRL website for librarians to access and experiment with.

As evidenced by the engaging discussion and examples of ways librarians are already using it in their local environments, the Framework offers great potential for transforming our ways of thinking and practicing. We want everyone to contribute to the growth and development of the Framework as a dynamic, living document. In my new role as ACRL Visiting Program Officer for Information Literacy, I will be involved in planning and facilitating next steps, which will include professional development and other opportunities for conversations, collaborations, and sharing. Watch for an announcement of an upcoming free ACRL Presents… webinar at 1p.m. Central on March 4, featuring an overview of the Framework.

Heartfelt thanks to the Task Force for their hard work and commitment and thanks to all of you for your enthusiastic interest in the Framework.

Immersion Practical Management Program: Feb. 20 registration deadline

Register by February 20 for the Immersion Management Track: Practical Management for the Instruction Coordinator. The Immersion ’15 Practical Management track will be held in conjunction with the ACRL 2015 Conference in Portland on March 25, 2015.

Instruction coordinators are often well-grounded in theory and instruction practice and have some of the tools they need to begin building campus-wide programs. Frequently, however, coordinators or those in similar roles do not supervise the majority of librarians who participate in a library’s instructional program, presenting challenges to the development of innovative and effective programs. This interactive one-day program will address how to lead from within – developing the powers of persuasion to influence in multiple directions.  Other topics include creating the right environment for a successful instruction program, understanding a broader campus environment, providing constructive feedback, and coaching for success.

“The Immersion Program gave me plenty of practical ideas to take home. Being in a room of people all facing the same challenges that I’m facing, and all acknowledging that they ARE challenges is invaluable.” ~ 2013 Practical Management Track Participant

Learning Outcomes
After participating in the Immersion ’15 Practical Management track, you will be able to:

  • Open a discussion with appropriate leadership about your role and responsibilities
  • Provide influence in multiple directions in order to achieve programmatic goals
  • Develop a succinct proposal for administrative consideration
  • Understand the critical elements for creating a desired environment
  • Understand the potential of information literacy programs in a larger campus context

Complete details about the program and registration materials are available on the ACRL website.  Questions about the Immersion Practical Management Program should be directed to Margot Conahan at


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