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C&RL News – February 2017

C&RL News February 2017 coverThe February 2017 issue of C&RL News is now freely available online. Working with first-year experience courses is a staple of many library instruction and information literacy programs. Irina I. Holden writes about her experiences at the University at Albany in “Expanding instruction beyond library topics” through teaching a first-year course on sustainability issues this month.

Librarians at DePaul University recently took a long-term holistic look at their work with first-year programs and reworked their instructional models. Jessica Alverson and Jennifer Schwartz detail their efforts at “Successfully collaborating to revamp first-year instruction” and provide a blueprint for critical examination of any instruction program.

This month’s issue features two Scholarly Communication columns related to ethics issues. First, regular columnist Nancy Sims discusses “Rights, ethics, accuracy, and open licenses in online collections” in her latest essay. Secondly, Sarah Crissinger writes about her experiences putting on a campus seminar covering “Access to research and Sci-Hub” at Davidson College.

Scholarly communication issues are also the focus of a special issue of ACRL’s online-only research journal College & Research Libraries released this month. Editor Wendi Kaspar provides an overview of the issue in this month’s C&RL Spotlight column.

Also this month we continue our look at the upcoming ALA/ACRL elections with statements from José Aguiñaga and Lauren Pressley, candidates for ACRL vice-president/president-elect. Participate in the future of your association by voting for the candidates of your choice in the election beginning March 13.

ACRL 2017 in Baltimore is fast approaching! In the final article on our host city, Liz Johns and Danielle Whren Johnson provide a look at the city’s dining scene in “Beyond crab cakes: Charm City’s culinary culture.” We look forward to seeing you this March in Baltimore.

Make sure to check out the other features and departments this month, including an Internet Resources article on “Library support for accreditation” by Tom Schmiedel and our latest The Way I See It essay, “Inukshuks: A librarian’s narrative” by Junli Diao.

C&RL News – January 2017

C&RL News cover January 2017The January 2017 issue of C&RL News is now freely available online. The ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education continues to be a major topic of discussion in the academic library community. In this issue’s Perspectives on the Framework column, Troy Swanson of the Moraine Valley Community College discusses his efforts in “Sharing the ACRL Framework with faculty.” Also, visit this month’s News from the Field department for information on the launch of the exciting new ACRL Framework Sandbox.

Experimenting with social media and related technologies for marketing and instruction continue to be a focus for many libraries. In this month’s ACRL TechConnect feature, Elizabeth Price and Rebecca Richardson of Murray State University write about their library’s experiences with Yik Yak in their article “Eavesdropping on the user experience.”

Emily Ford of Portland State University shares her experiences and evolving thinking on digital badging in instruction in her The Way I See It essay “To badge or not to badge?”

With the ACRL 2017 early-bird registration deadline fast approaching, the Baltimore conference is also a trending topic. Sara Arnold-Garza and Joanna Gadsby provide a fascinating history of “Social justice and Baltimore” in our look at the conference’s host city.

Strategic planning is another important, but sometimes dreaded, process for most academic libraries. Aaron L. Brenner, Robin Kear, and Eve Wilder provide a look at ways the University of Pittsburgh Libraries went about “Reinvigorating strategic planning” by introducing more collaborative processes.

The Johns Hopkins Libraries open access promotion fund” is the focus of this month’s Scholarly Communication column by Robin N. Sinn, Sue M. Woodson, and Mark Cyzyk.

Make sure to check out the rest of our features and departments, including Internet Resources on “United Nations” statistical and data resources by Lisa DeLuca of Seton Hall University, and a look at the contents of the January issue of College & Research Libraries, with a focus on library activism, in the C&RL Spotlight department.

C&RL News – December 2016

C&RL News - December 2016The December 2016 issue of C&RL News is now freely available online.

The upcoming holidays, coupled this year with an especially emotional election season, can be a stressful time both personally and professionally. Richard Moniz, Jo Henry, Joe Eshlerman, Lisa Moniz, and Howard Slutzky provide context and advice for dealing with workplace stress in their article “Stressors and librarians: How mindfulness can help.” Their recommendations for mindfulness practice can be a big help with stress of all kinds, as well.

One of their tips for mindful behavior is to be thankful. Receiving thanks for a job well done can also help rejuvenate a commitment to the profession. At Duke University, librarians undertook a National Library Week project to give the campus community a chance to express their thanks for the university libraries. Arianne Hartsell-Gundy, Kim Duckett, and Aaron Welborn provide an overview of the “#ThankALibrarian” project. In this issue’s The Way I See It essay, Michelle Price writes about confronting stress while participating in a course in her article “Fun, fear, and frustration.”

The December issue features new installments of two of our popular ongoing features. Judy Ruttenberg writes about the “SHARE” project in the Scholarly Communication column while “The future of U.S. university international branch campus libraries” is the focus of the International Insights feature.

According to tradition, we also take a look back at ACRL’s accomplishments in advancing learning and transforming scholarship over the past fiscal year with our Annual Report. You can help make the next year of your association as successful as the last by volunteering to serve on an ACRL committee.

Make sure to check out the rest of our features and departments, including information on “Journal metrics” education for faculty from Lori Bronars, Internet Resources on “Cases, statues, law review, and more” by Jessica Almeida, and the latest installment of our series highlighting the ACRL 2017 host city of Baltimore by Natalie Burclaff and Gina Calia-Lotz.

C&RL News – November 2016

C&RL News - November 2016The November 2016 issue of C&RL News is now freely available online.

As relations between the United States and Cuba have changed over the past couple of years, many academic libraries are positioned to further cultural and intellectual connections between the two countries. Librarian Troy Davis and Cuba scholar Ann Marie Stock of the College of William & Mary write about their collaborations towards “Making Cuba connections” in this month’s issue.

Meiyolet Méndez of the University of Miami provides an introductory list of resources to learn more about Cuban history and culture in her Internet Resources column “Cuba on our minds.”

Succession planning and leadership development continue to be major areas of focus for many libraries. Kimberely Bugg of the NYC College of Technology outlines five activities to help cultivate leadership in her article “Creating the leadership you seek.”

Leadership development has been a focus for the University of Houston Libraries for the past several years. Christina Hoffman Gola and Miranda Henry Bennett write about how their library’s Liaison Services Advisory Board contributes to leadership development and succession planning.

Not all librarians find that they thrive in leadership positions, however, as Helene Gold notes from personal experience in her The Way I See It essay “At least you didn’t burn the place down.”

In this issue’s Scholarly Communication column, Emily Drabinski of Long Island University-Brooklyn discusses her experiences as an editorial board member of a journal that went through the process of “Flipping to open access for survival.” Our Perspectives on the Framework column returns this month with a look at mapping the Framework to local curricula by Donna Witek of the University of Scranton in her article “Becoming gardeners.”

Make sure to check out the rest of our features and departments, including Carrie Bertling Disclafani and Jennifer C. Hill’s detailed look at the neighborhoods of Baltimore as they invite you to “Experience the charm of Charm City” during the upcoming ACRL 2017 conference. Registration and housing for ACRL 2017 are now open.

C&RL News – October 2016

C&RL News - October 2016 The October 2016 issue of C&RL News is now freely available online.

As issues of diversity, inclusion, and social justice continue to dominate the news headlines this fall, academic libraries also continue their focus on these issues, as well. In this issue, Orolando Duffus discusses his efforts to bring multicultural campus groups together through the library at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro. His article “The library as an incubator for multicultural awareness and engagement” is a wonderful model for library diversity efforts.

Katherine O’Clair of Cal Poly State University writes about a personal experience advocating for social justice issues while working with students in a library instruction context in her The Way I See It essay “At the intersection of academic librarianship and social justice.”

In this issue’s ACRL TechConnect feature, Bohyun Kim discusses the role of libraries in advocating for online privacy in her article “Cybersecurity and digital surveillance versus usability and privacy.”

A focus on continuous improvement is an important part of making any library program successful. At the University of Vermont, librarians introduced “The 360° Feedback Model for library instructors” to improve teaching. Daisy Benson and Daniel DeSanto discuss the program in this issue.

Katelyn Angell of Long Island University-Brooklyn improved her library instruction sessions through a clever pop culture exercise. She discuses her assignment in her fabulous article “America’s Next Top Citation.”

This month we begin our series of articles leading up to the ACRL 2017 conference, being held March 22–25, 2017, in Baltimore. Barbara G. Preece and Carissa Tomlinson of the conference Local Arrangements Committee kick of the series with an introduction to our host city in “Baltimore—Charm City.”

Make sure to check out the rest of our features and departments, including a look at “Funding open access monographs” by Rupert Gatti and Marc Mierowsky of Open Book Publishers in the Scholarly Communication column and Internet Resources on “Paper ephemera” by E. Richard McKinstry.

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