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C&RL News – May 2017

C&RL News - May 2017The May 2017 issue of C&RL News is now freely available online. While the literature on pedagogy and library services may trend more towards aspects of educating traditional college students, the changing populations at many institutions require an additional focus on continuing education students. In this issue’s Perspectives on the Framework column, Carrie Ludovico of the University of Richmond writes about “Seeing the world through adult eyes” when applying the concepts in the Framework for Information Literacy.

Karen Pruneda, Amber Wilson, and Jessica Riedmueller discuss efforts to engage students in the physical spaces of the University of Central Arkansas in their article “Writing on the walls.”

The University of North Carolina-Greensboro has long used interns from the university’s LIS program to provide reference services. Orolando Duffus provides an overview of the program, along with looking at its benefits for interns as they move into professional roles, in his article “Assessing UNC-Greensboro’s Reference Interns Program.”

Cynthia A. Romanowski of Governors State University follows up on a past essay on her experiences beginning the tenure process in this month’s The Way I See It essay, “First-time faculty librarian, second-year experience.”

In this month’s Scholarly Communication column, Allyson Rodriguez discusses opportunities to normalize open access through “Collaboration in scholarly communication” efforts at the University of North Texas. Also, this month, our Internet Resources feature by Sarah Barbrow, Denise Brush, and Julie Goldman provides an excellent list of online tools related to “Research data management and services.”

Make sure to check out the other features and departments this month, including the second installment of 2017 ACRL award winners, information on ACRL programming and events at the 2017 ALA Annual Conference in Chicago, and a look at the latest issue of our scholarly research journal College & Research Libraries.

C&RL News – April 2017

The April 2017 issue of C&RL News is now freely available online. While providing services to undergraduate students may be the main focus of much of the LIS literature, many academic and research libraries are exploring innovative ways to serve graduate students as well as faculty. At the Dartmouth College Biomedical Libraries, librarians worked with a writing specialist to put on a writer’s retreat of graduate students and faculty looking to improve their writing and publication skills. The program is the focus of the article “A time and place to write and hone skills.”

Librarians at Kennesaw State University’s Graduate Library created a conference to facilitate the exchange of ideas related to graduate student services in libraries. Crystal Renfro and Elisabeth Shields provide an overview of the conference in their article “Transforming libraries to serve graduate students.”

In this issue’s Scholarly Communication article, regular columnist Maria Bonn explores “Collaborating and communicating: Humanities scholars working and talking together” through her experiences as part of a Humanities Without Walls grant team.

Librarians at the University of Vermont developed an excellent evaluation rubric for their instruction tutorials. Graham Sherriff outlines the project in this month’s ACRL TechConnect article “Interactive tutorials: The platform matters.”

Nancy Foasberg of Queens College discusses her use of information games such as “Spyfall” to bring the concept of scholarship as conversation from the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy to life in this issue’s The Way I See It essay.

Make sure to check out the other features and departments this month, including the first round of profiles of 2017 ACRL award winners, Internet Resources on “Haitian history and culture” by Marjorie Charlot, a recap of ACRL Board of Directors’ actions at the 2017 ALA Annual Conference, and the call for volunteers for ACRL section nominating committees.

C&RL News – March 2017

March 2017 C&RL News coverWith ACRL 2017 fast approaching, many of us are looking forward to gathering in Baltimore. Large events like the ACRL conference can sometimes be a bit daunting for those new to the profession and first-timers in general, however. Students at the University of Michigan (UM) School of Information take a proactive approach to preparing future professionals for the conference experience by holding their own student-led QuasiCon event. UM alumni Martha Stuit and Joanna Thielen provide an overview of “Introducing library students to library conferences” this month.

This issue’s installment of our International Insights column looks at the conference experience from a global perspective, focusing on the history, background, and organization of “The European Conference on Information Literacy.”

Kathy Shields and Christine Cugliari examine information literacy in practice, discussing how they used the Framework for Information Literacy “Scholarship as Conversation” frame as an instructional tool for nonprofit studies students in this month’s Perspectives on the Framework column.

In this month’s Scholarly Communication feature, Merinda Kaye Hensley and Steven J. Bell write about “Digital scholarship as a learning center in the library.” If you are interested in digital scholarship issues, make sure to check out ACRL’s Digital Scholarship Center Interest Group, as well.

We continue our look at the upcoming ALA/ACRL elections with responses from the candidates for ALA vice-president/president-elect to questions from the ACRL Board of Directors and a list of ACRL members running for ALA Council. Help shape the future of your associations by voting in the election starting March 13.

Make sure to check out the other features and departments this month, including new “ACRL Proficiencies for Assessment Librarians and Coordinators,” a The Way I See It essay on “Word of mouth and library workshops” by Laura Turner of the University of San Diego, and a look at the March issue of C&RL from editor Wendi Kaspar.

C&RL News – February 2017

C&RL News February 2017 coverThe February 2017 issue of C&RL News is now freely available online. Working with first-year experience courses is a staple of many library instruction and information literacy programs. Irina I. Holden writes about her experiences at the University at Albany in “Expanding instruction beyond library topics” through teaching a first-year course on sustainability issues this month.

Librarians at DePaul University recently took a long-term holistic look at their work with first-year programs and reworked their instructional models. Jessica Alverson and Jennifer Schwartz detail their efforts at “Successfully collaborating to revamp first-year instruction” and provide a blueprint for critical examination of any instruction program.

This month’s issue features two Scholarly Communication columns related to ethics issues. First, regular columnist Nancy Sims discusses “Rights, ethics, accuracy, and open licenses in online collections” in her latest essay. Secondly, Sarah Crissinger writes about her experiences putting on a campus seminar covering “Access to research and Sci-Hub” at Davidson College.

Scholarly communication issues are also the focus of a special issue of ACRL’s online-only research journal College & Research Libraries released this month. Editor Wendi Kaspar provides an overview of the issue in this month’s C&RL Spotlight column.

Also this month we continue our look at the upcoming ALA/ACRL elections with statements from José Aguiñaga and Lauren Pressley, candidates for ACRL vice-president/president-elect. Participate in the future of your association by voting for the candidates of your choice in the election beginning March 13.

ACRL 2017 in Baltimore is fast approaching! In the final article on our host city, Liz Johns and Danielle Whren Johnson provide a look at the city’s dining scene in “Beyond crab cakes: Charm City’s culinary culture.” We look forward to seeing you this March in Baltimore.

Make sure to check out the other features and departments this month, including an Internet Resources article on “Library support for accreditation” by Tom Schmiedel and our latest The Way I See It essay, “Inukshuks: A librarian’s narrative” by Junli Diao.

C&RL News – January 2017

C&RL News cover January 2017The January 2017 issue of C&RL News is now freely available online. The ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education continues to be a major topic of discussion in the academic library community. In this issue’s Perspectives on the Framework column, Troy Swanson of the Moraine Valley Community College discusses his efforts in “Sharing the ACRL Framework with faculty.” Also, visit this month’s News from the Field department for information on the launch of the exciting new ACRL Framework Sandbox.

Experimenting with social media and related technologies for marketing and instruction continue to be a focus for many libraries. In this month’s ACRL TechConnect feature, Elizabeth Price and Rebecca Richardson of Murray State University write about their library’s experiences with Yik Yak in their article “Eavesdropping on the user experience.”

Emily Ford of Portland State University shares her experiences and evolving thinking on digital badging in instruction in her The Way I See It essay “To badge or not to badge?”

With the ACRL 2017 early-bird registration deadline fast approaching, the Baltimore conference is also a trending topic. Sara Arnold-Garza and Joanna Gadsby provide a fascinating history of “Social justice and Baltimore” in our look at the conference’s host city.

Strategic planning is another important, but sometimes dreaded, process for most academic libraries. Aaron L. Brenner, Robin Kear, and Eve Wilder provide a look at ways the University of Pittsburgh Libraries went about “Reinvigorating strategic planning” by introducing more collaborative processes.

The Johns Hopkins Libraries open access promotion fund” is the focus of this month’s Scholarly Communication column by Robin N. Sinn, Sue M. Woodson, and Mark Cyzyk.

Make sure to check out the rest of our features and departments, including Internet Resources on “United Nations” statistical and data resources by Lisa DeLuca of Seton Hall University, and a look at the contents of the January issue of College & Research Libraries, with a focus on library activism, in the C&RL Spotlight department.

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