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C&RL News – November 2014

C&RL News - November 2014

The November 2014 issue of C&RL News is now freely available online. With the growing trend of libraries as publisher, more institutions are focusing attention on locally created research and publications authored both by faculty and students. Danielle Barandiaran, Betty Rozum, and Becky Thoms outline the Utah State University’s program of “Focusing on student research in the institutional repository” through the DigitalCommons@USU program.

The University of Michigan science library makes a concerted effort of highlighting publications by faculty authors through a series of exhibits and events. Jennifer Bonnet, Barbara Alvarez, and Sigrid Anderson Cordell discuss the program in their article “Let’s get this party started.”

The place of the print book in an environment of online access and changing roles for library spaces continues to be a topic of discussion on many campuses. Stefanie R. Bluemle and Carla B. Tracy take a look a legacy print collections in the learning-centered library in their piece “The lives of books.”

The Princeton University Costen Children’s Library highlights the legacy of print through a rare books education program in local elementary schools, Dana Sheridan discusses their approach to “Teaching the untouchable” in this issue’s The Way I See It essay.

In this month’s Scholarly Communication column, Korey Jackson of Oregon State University examines open access evaluation in the Humanities in his article “More than gatekeeping.”

Registration is open for the ACRL 2015 Conference to be held March 25—28, 2015, in Portland, Oregon. In this month’s issue, Angie Beiriger and Dan Kelley take us on a tour through the “Neighborhoods of Portland,” highlighting the unique offerings of our host city.

We return to our look back at the history of the association this month with our 75th Anniversary feature “Cruising through the ’50s” by Sarah H. Northam.

Make sure to check out the other features and departments this month, including Internet Resources on the history of medicine by Jolie Braun, and an overview of the contents of the November issue of our online-only scholarly research College and Research Libraries.




C&RL News – October 2014

oct14 cover

The October 2014 issue of C&RL News is now freely available online. With the revision of our current standards in full swing, information literacy has been a particularly hot topic of late. Continuing this trend, Dawn Stahura of Simmons College introduces her concept of “Information intimacy” and details several innovative classroom activities designed to get students engaged in the research process.

Anne Grant and Diane Finkle continue the focus on information literacy by describing Clemson University’s process of “Taking face-to-face library workshops for freshmen online” by creating and refining a series of tutorials which allow librarians to focus more classroom attention on upper division undergraduates.

Scheduling individual research consultations with students can often be a daunting process. In this issue’s ACRL Tech Connect article, Amanda Nichols Hess describes her experiences working with YouCanBook.Me to simplify the process.

Assessing information literacy instruction efforts, along with the impact of library services in general, continues to be a major trend in academic libraries. In his article “Assessment is everywhere,” Scott Walter shares some of the assessment initiatives currently being undertaken at DePaul University.

The scholarly communication landscape is undergoing a number of shifts and changes. Nicole Allen, Peter Binfield, and Carly Strasser provide “Updates from the field” on the current status of open access, open data and data management, and open educational resources in the latest Scholarly Communication column.

In this month’s The Way I See It essay, Rachel Sarjeant-Jenkins and Keith Walker provide insights on “Research in communities” that are valuable both to the novice and experienced LIS researcher.

Registration is open for the ACRL 2015 Conference to be held March 25-28, 2015, in Portland, Oregon. In this month’s issue, Stephanie Michel takes a look at our host city’s arts, culture, and sports scene in her article “Experience Portland.”

Make sure to check out the other features and departments this month, including information on the new NSSE Experiences with Information Literacy module, Internet Resources on linked open data by Cliff Landis, and the monthly look at contents and events from our online-only scholarly research College and Research Libraries.

C&RL News – September 2014

sept14 cover72The September 2014 issue of C&RL News is now freely available online. Data management is a growing area of focus for many academic libraries. Librarians at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Libraries took the initiative in educating graduate students on managing their research data through a series of “flipped” workshops. Lisa Johnston and Jon Jeffryes encourage other libraries to “Steal this idea” and duplicate the program at their institutions. Katherine G. Akers makes an argument for “Going beyond data management planning” and providing more comprehensive research services in her The Way I See It essay.

The intersection between scholarly communication and information literacy has been an ongoing focus for ACRL over the past several years. Stephanie Davis-Kahl, Teresa A. Fishel, and Merinda Kaye Hensley discuss this initiative and ways they’ve made the connection at their institutions in this month’s Scholarly Communication article “Weaving the threads.”

The world of social media is ever-changing, as anyone who has a Facebook account well knows. In this issue’s ACRL TechConnect feature, librarians from Montana State University discuss their shifting adventures with Facebook advertising and marketing efforts on “The social media toll road.”

This month we look back at the 2014 ALA Annual Conference in Las Vegas with our annual round-up of ACRL programs and Board of Directors actions. Going even further back in the history of ACRL, Jill Sodt gives an overview of trends and issues from “The 1940s” in our ongoing series celebrating ACRL’s 75th anniversary.

We also look ahead to the upcoming ACRL 2015 conference with the first in a series of articles focusing on our host city of Portland, Oregon. Tony Greiner and Rachel Bridgewater provide a general overview of the region in their piece “Portland: An eclectic introduction.” Join us March 25-28, 2015, for ACRL 2015. Registration and housing are now available on the conference website at

Make sure to check out the other features and departments this month, including a look the “Reimagining or revisioning?” of the Northwestern University Libraries’ public services spaces and services, the call for nominations for ACRL’s 2015 awards program, and the monthly look at contents and events from our online-only scholarly research College and Research Libraries.

C&RL News – July/August 2014

june14 cover
The July/August 2014 issue of C&RL News is now freely available online. The purposeful use of social media can be a powerful tool in engaging your library and campus communities. Natalie Burclaff and Catherine Johnson provide tips for “Developing a social media strategy” to increase the usefulness of your presences in this month’s ACRL TechConnect article.

Sharing and building on resources created by our peers is a long-standing tradition. Katie Fortney, Cody Hennesy, and Deborah Murphy discuss a project to create recommendations for uniform application of Creative Commons licenses to library learning objects in their article “Share the wealth.”

Interlibrary loan (ILL) services have undergone a great amount of change over the past several years. While the services continue to be essential to students and researchers, they no longer resemble the traditional picture of acquiring books and photocopies of articles from other institutions. In this issue’s Scholarly Communication column, Beth Posner of the CUNY Graduate Center looks at “The view from interlibrary loan services” from a research and scholarly communication perspective.

In her article “It’s all about the relationships,” Laura Graveline discusses the importance of ILL as a service in launching library services for a residency-based PhD program for studio artists. In another view from the frontlines of ILL, Andrew Shuping compares the skills needed for success as an ILL staffer as a combination of Sherlock Holmes, MacGyver, and Neo in his essay “The modern interlibrary loan office.”

Successful outreach programs can increase the view of the library as a center for campus activity. Catherine M. Brown looks at the past and present of cultural performances in the rotunda of the UCLA College Library in her article “Concerts and dances in a library?”

Make sure to check out the other features and departments this month, including the final installment in 2013-14 ACRL President Trevor A. Dawes’ series on financial literacy education and libraries, a The Way I See It essay by Dale Larsen on reaching business students through“The Friday E-Mail List,” and Internet Resources on biographical resources by Susie Skarl.

Enjoy your summer and we’ll see you back in the News in September.

C&RL News – June 2014

june14 coverThe June 2014 issue of C&RL News is now freely available online. Every two years, ACRL’s Research Planning and Review Committee produces their “Top trends in academic libraries.” The 2014 edition focuses on a theme of collaboration through the categories of data, device neutral digital services, evolving openness, student success, competency-based learning, altmetrics, and digital humanities.

Two additional articles this month highlight these trends in action. Emma Ganley discusses the “PLOS data policy” in her Scholarly Communication article, while Greg MacAyeal writes about ways the Northwestern University Library created “A culture of assessment” through a formal committee.

Diversity additionally continues to be a major trend in libraries and higher education. Eileen Theodore-Shusta and Araba Dawson-Andoh discuss the Ohio University Libraries efforts at “Engaging the campus community in conversations on diversity,” and librarians from the University of Washington-Bothell and Cascadia Community College outline their use of ACRL’s “Diversity Standards” in developing “Cultural competency on campus.” Alexia Hudson-Ward provides a list of resources for further study of “Diversity and inclusion” in this issue’s Internet Resources article.

In this month’s ACRL TechConnect feature, librarians at Oregon State University worked with their campus Cultural Resources Centers to develop a checkout system for the centers’ libraries. Natalia Fernández and Jane Nichols discuss the project in their article “Booxter and LibraryThing.”

In honor of the return of the popular Netflix streaming series Orange is the New Black this month, Jill A. Grunenwald discusses her experiences behind bars as a prison librarian in her The Way I See It essay “Orange is the new academia.”

Make sure to check out the other features and departments this month, including results of the 2014 ACRL election, a new entry in the Libraries and Financial Literacy Education column by ACRL President Trevor A. Dawes, and a look back at the first issue of our sister publication College & Research Libraries as part of the celebration of ACRL’s 75th anniversary.

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