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Take Action for Virtual Library Legislative Day

National Library Legislative Day informational graphic, May 2-3, 2016, Washington, DC Not able to make it to Washington D.C. next week for National Library Legislative Day? Don’t worry, you can still join virtually!

Help amplify the key advocacy messages advocates in D.C. will be sending Congress by committing to emailing, calling, or Tweeting at your Senators and Representative from May 2-6th. Sign up in advance via the Virtual Library Legislative Day registration form to receive talking points and resources that you can use to send an email, make a call, or post a Tweet through the ALA Legislative Action Center.

We have additional resources to help you prepare for National Library Legislative Day 2016 or Virtual Library Legislative Day including information on what to know before you go straight from advocacy expert Stephanie Vance!

Prepare to advocate with morning briefing sessions streamed live from Washington, D.C., on Monday, May 2, starting at 9:00am EDT. You’ll get a chance to hear Former Congressman Rush Holt (D-NJ) give a keynote, along with a timely rundown of all the major legislative issues that we’re addressing this year.

Find out more about issues at the national level affecting the welfare of academic and research libraries in the recently released ACRL 2016 Legislative Agenda.

Help expand the impact that advocates have on National Library Legislative Day by participating virtually. Sign up to participate and check out this handy resource toolkit, put together by the Harry Potter Alliance, for librarians who may want to get younger advocates involved. You can find out more by visiting the United for Libraries and the Harry Potter Alliance web pages, or by subscribing to the ALA Action Center.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Lisa Lindle, Grassroots Communications Specialist for ALA Washington.

Your personal, real world library experience is the key to helping legislators understand how the policies and legislation they are working on can impact library users. Please lend your voices!

–Catherine Soehner, Chair, ACRL Government Relations Committee

ACRL Sets 2016 Legislative Agenda

Each year, the ACRL Government Relations Committee, in consultation with the ACRL Board of Directors and staff, formulates an ACRL Legislative Agenda. Drafted with input from key ACRL committees, ACRL leaders, and the ALA Washington Office, the ACRL Legislative Agenda is prioritized and focuses on issues at the national level affecting the welfare of academic and research libraries. The ACRL Board of Directors recently approved the 2016 ACRL Legislative Agenda in time for National Library Legislative Day, May 2-3, in Washington, D.C.

The 2016 ACRL Legislative Agenda focuses on two issues that the U.S. Congress has recently taken, or will most likely take, action on in the year ahead: access to federally funded research and curbing government surveillance. The agenda also includes a watch list of policy issues of great concern to academic librarians. Legislation on these issues is not likely to arise and, moreover, ACRL does not believe that any legislation about these issues is necessary. Issues on the watch list are: net neutrality, copyright reform, fair use, “making available” right, preservation and reproduction exceptions, orphan works, and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. ACRL will continue tracking these issues and advocate for the best interests of academic and research libraries, if necessary. Read the complete legislative agenda for more details.

Don’t forget to advocate for libraries in early May by calling or emailing Congress as part of ALA’s Virtual Library Legislative Day. Over the next few weeks, please take a moment to register and then ask others in your circles — members, followers, patrons, fellow library staffers, and listservs — to join. The ALA Washington Office will be providing talking points and other handy resources you can use to advocate easily and effectively. They will also be providing a webstream of the National Library Legislative day program, live from Washington, on the morning of May 2nd. You’ll have the chance to hear keynote speaker, former Congressman Rush Holt, and listen in on this year’s issue briefing.


ACRL Joins Support of Hayden Nomination

HaydenACRL has joined more than 140 national nonprofit and library groups, schools, and academic libraries in a letter to the United States Senate Committee on Rules and Administration urging Dr. Carla Hayden’s rapid confirmation as Librarian of Congress. Organized by ALA, of which Dr. Hayden is a past-president, the letter states, “the Library of Congress has never more needed the unique combination of character, acumen and humanity that Dr. Carla Hayden is so professionally, intellectually and personally qualified to offer that great institution. We urge her earliest possible approval by the Rules Committee and rapid confirmation by the Senate.”

The letter was transmitted yesterday in advance of a confirmation hearing about Dr. Hayden’s nomination before the full Senate Rules Committee which is scheduled for Wednesday, April 20, 2:15 p.m. Eastern.

A live stream will be available approximately 15 minutes prior to the start of the hearing and the archive webcast will be available approximately 1 hour after the completion of the hearing.

Increase ACRL’s influence in Public Policy Affecting Higher Education

From the ALA Council Committee on Legislation’s Subcommittee on Grassroots Advocacy:

Dear ACRL Members,

We hope everyone is enjoying the New Year! 2016 is a great time for library advocacy & taking action!

District Dispatch Logo First, we are here to help you increase ACRL’s influence in public policy affecting higher education. ALA has convenient tools for you to use. Subscribing to the Action Center and District Dispatch keeps one up-to-date on time sensitive policy issues and legislations. We are aware it can be time consuming to keep up with all of the information, thus we are pleased to help and are here for you. Please go to, under the ‘Take Action’, you will find ‘Subscribe to the District Dispatch’.

NLLD Logo Second, you are cordially invited to join us for NLLD! Let’s fill Capitol Hill with Librarians to advocate for libraries and legislation. It is a great time to share what your college and research libraries are offering and working on. Online registration for National Library Legislative Day 2016 is open! Click here to register.

ALA, ACRL Submit Comments to Dept. of Ed on Open Licensing

Today, ALA and ACRL submitted joint comments applauding the U.S. Department of Education’s proposed rule for “Open Licensing Requirement for Direct Grant Programs” (proposed § 3474.20) which would amend regulations so that all Department grantees who are awarded direct competitive grant funds are required to openly license content to the public. We have long supported initiatives that seek to make federally funded research openly accessible to the public. Earlier this year, ACRL joined in a letter calling on the White House to open up access to federally funded educational resources. The Department’s proposed rule is an important step towards making curricular resources more readily accessible to our campus communities.

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