ACRL Board of Directors Statement on Edwin Mellen Press v. Dale Askey

The Board of Directors of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) expresses grave concern over the libel suit initiated by Edwin Mellen Press against Dale Askey, a librarian and faculty member at McMaster University.  The suit alleges that Askey committed libel while criticizing the Press in his blog while a Librarian at Kansas State University.  This action is a challenge to both academic and intellectual freedom in academic libraries.

If successful, it would not only be damaging to Askey personally but do great harm to the ability of all academic librarians to perform their professional duties.  We trust that the Edwin Mellen Press will, in the light of growing outrage in the academic community, drop what appears to be an ill-considered assault upon free expression in general and academic librarians in particular.

– ACRL Board of Directors