A Post-Hurricane Sandy Message From the ACRL Board

While Hurricane Sandy is no more, the same cannot be said of the devastation it leaves behind.

For many academic librarians along the east coast, this powerful and destructive storm leaves in its wake significant damage. Reports from particularly hard hit areas in New Jersey and New York indicate that it will be weeks, and perhaps longer, until many services are restored and the infrastructure is repaired. New York City in particular is experiencing the worst damage from a natural disaster in over 100 years.

Many of our fellow ACRL members are affected both professionally and personally. Please know that all those trying to recover from Hurricane Sandy are in our thoughts. We know they face a difficult time ahead, and we are wishing them well as they will be working at their institutions to restore services to their community members.

Steven Bell, president
Trevor Dawes, vice-president/president-elect
Joyce Ogburn, past-president
Members of the ACRL Board of Directors